"DD" restraining order


POSTED: Friday, July 29, 2011 - 5:21pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 29, 2011 - 7:39pm

It’s been controversial since it was announced.
The Double D restaurant will feature waitresses in somewhat skimpy costumes, and that sparked some concerns in the community.
Today, it also sparked a restraining order.
The Double D is going up at the site of the old El Chico restaurant.
But the atmosphere has been likened to Hooters, and the proximity to both Robert E. Lee High School and a Toys R Us store caused some concern.
Today, Toys R Us sought and got a temporary restraining order against the restaurant in the 114th District Court of Judge Christi Kennedy.
Kennedy said in her order that the restaurant will cause “…irreparable harm” and “bad publicity” to the toy store.
She said that would cause Toys R Us to continue to lose customers and that the Double D would damage the reputation of the store.
The restaurant’s owners are ordered to stop renovation work, remove signs and not employ people wearing what the judge called “scanty attire.”
Neither Toys R Us or Consolidated Restaurants would comment on this story.

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How rediculous! Judge Kennedy should run under the communist party next election. These theme restaurants are not the place for minors out shopping with their mothers at the toy store agreed, but unless Toy's R Us wants to lease the premises what right does a judge have to stop a legal business, breaking no law, from conducting that busness. The femanist judge secure in her authoritative power forgets the constitution she is sworn to uphold in favor of her agenda to be re-elected.

Maybe Toy's R Us is concerned their employees won't return promptly to work after lunch hour?

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