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Decision 2012

Rasmussen poll has Obama, Romney tied

Rasmussen poll has Obama, Romney tied

POSTED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 5:00am

UPDATED: Monday, April 16, 2012 - 3:43pm

President Obama and Mitt Romney are tied in a national head-to-head match-up, according to the latest survey from conservative polling outlet Rasmussen.

Each pulled 45 percent, while Texas Rep. Ron Paul (R) edged Obama 44 to 43 in the daily tracking poll.

The Rasmussen poll could be an outlier — most recent polls show Obama leading Romney nationally, and a number of polls in March showed the president stretching his lead to double digits.

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I don't care about polls. I do care about individual liberty, personal responsibility, limited government, and the non-aggression principle.

What if you signed-up for a math course and the teacher taught addition, subtraction, multiplication, but refused to talk about division? What if tou went to the market and the butcher covered-up all the meat except what he wanted you to see? This is what is happening when media fails to cover Ron Pauls campaign. If you took the time to hear his message of fiscal conservatism, a smaller responsible government, a return of our personal freedoms, and an end to runaway spending, he'd get your vote!

ANOTHER lie by national media..A LIE BY OMISSION...Rasmussen poll shows Ron Paul able to defeat Obama.

Barach Ofailure had his chance and it has been a miserable four years.

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