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Romney campaign gathering donors for retreat

Romney campaign gathering donors for retreat

POSTED: Friday, June 22, 2012 - 5:00am

UPDATED: Saturday, June 23, 2012 - 8:10pm

Mitt Romney's campaign is gathering its major donors and bundlers for a three-day Utah retreat where supporters with deep pockets can rub elbows with the candidate, his wife and major supporters.

The event, which is being held in Park City, Utah, begins Friday and will feature a dinner speech by Romney, according to an invitation obtained by CNN.

The weekend will include policy seminars and speeches by party heavyweights including Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, the governor's spokesman confirmed.

Several of Romney's potential vice presidential picks - including Sen. Rob Portman, and, according to other reports, Rep. Paul Ryan and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal - are speaking at various events during the weekend.

Sen. Marco Rubio was invited, but he told reporters Thursday he declined because he wanted to spend time with his family.

Invited donors have all contributed at least $50,000 to the Republican effort.

"It is an opportunity to interact with the candidate and his advisers front line and behind the scenes," one donor who is attending told CNN. He requested anonymity because the event is supposed to be private.

"It is a great opportunity on a personal level," he said. "No one is involved in the campaign who isn't going."

One key part of the weekend will be to push the campaign's major backers to re-double their efforts and continue to build on the nominee's fund-raising prowess. Romney and a Republican Party committee working with his campaign out-raised the Obama re-election effort in May.

"Anytime you do something of this type you are asked to do more," said the donor.

He said he believes this type of major get together that combines social events and policy briefings for the donors is unprecedented.

"I have never heard of this before," he said.

Donors point to the Utah weekend as an example of Romney's personal engagement with them and his willingness to court them. They recount how he has joined them conference calls and hosted social events for them.

"He is good on a social level-that is why it is so shocking when people write he isn't personable. He is one of the warmest, most personable people I know," one donor told CNN.

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Yep...the path to the White House is bought by sweet-talkin' bottomless-pocketed high-rolling donors at a posh retreat in Mormon country...let's just think what's going on in Utah...willard's thinly-veiled talk sessions on how to make life even more lucrative for the filthy rich...openly-candid sessions on how to cut even more from the lives of the middle class (no more food stamps for hungry families, scrap SS and Medicare for seniors, etc.)...yep...that's how you win the White House.

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