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Decorating for the holidays: Is it too early?

Stacey Spivey
Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 6:55pm

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well... almost...

With christmas one month away, the lights sparkling all over East Texas, garland is hung every where, and shops are decked out in holiday decor.

Some of you probably have all of your shopping done, and homes full of christmas cheer.

But who's more excited about the or women?

Here's what some east texans think about women taking it a little too far when it comes to holiday decorating, and how the men feel about it.

"Do yall have your christmas decorations up already?"

 "No. no," said Heather Bonner and Barry Brown.

"Why take and leave it cluttering up the whole house for that long? put it up for christmas eve, have the presents underneath for the kids, and when all the relatives have gone.. take it down," said Brown.

"I've started listening to christmas music, but I don't know, I like having more christmas things for longer," said Bonner.

"My husband is one of them, he's one of the ones that thinks its just over the top, but I've always loved it and I want my kids to have the same feelings as I had as a child," said Kitty Pipes.

"I think it goes good with Thanksgiving, as Thanksgiving goes on, and we give thanks to the Lord for everything, our blessings are extended to christmas.. and I think we just get a good start on it by decorating early," said Grady Stewart.


Do you have your decorations up already?? Leave your comments below!

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