Deer season opens


POSTED: Friday, November 4, 2011 - 9:16pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 4, 2011 - 9:17pm

This weekend, a lot of Texans won’t be worried about the economy, politics or football.
They may not answer their cell phones or read a newspaper.
They have something more important on their minds.
It’s a right of fall.
No, I don’t mean Tony Romo pointing to the very spot he’ll overthrow his first pass of the season.
I mean the never ending quest for the big bucks.
And not the green ones.
The gear is ready and the guns sighted in.
The truck is gassed up and the lease is waiting.
It’s a special weekend.
This weekend and next Monday In Michigan, used to be frustrating for automakers. Absenteeism was so great, they finally gave in and made it an official company holiday in union contracts.
Here in Texas, it’s practically a high holy day. It’s the first weekend of deer season.
“I think we’re gong to see a balance of age structure. I think the hunters are going to be pleased to see some older deer. And in relatively good shape. Weights are peobably down a little, but not as bad as we thought.” says Nathan Garner of the Parks and Wildlife Department. “I think hunters are gong to find deer moving around more and also coming to easily available food sources like deer feeders, water.”
But some traditions will have to change.
“But burn bans are in place. I think hunters should not have their camp fires,” he says. “The embers can easily blow into the forests and the grass fields.”
And be careful where you park the truck.
“Yes, those catalytic converters on some vehicles in high grass situations can spark fires.”
But the Department urges you to bag your limit.
“We’re really encouraging hunters to shoot their harvest and get a lot of deer harvested early this season because we need that harvest,” Garner told KETK.
Garner says that because of the drought, food is scarce, but deer are plentiful.

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