Democratic senator Wendy Davis announces bid for TX Governor

Democratic senator Wendy Davis announces bid for TX Governor

POSTED: Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 5:20pm

UPDATED: Sunday, October 6, 2013 - 12:06pm

Democratic Senator Wendy Davis, 50, who made a name for herself with a 13-hour long filibuster before the Texas Senate, has announced her bid for the office of Texas Governor.

At 4:49 p.m., she announced via Twitter she's, "in it for Texas."

Photo from Wendy Davis Twitter.

A Harvard grad, Davis who is currently in her second-term as a state senator, drew thousands of protesters to the state capitol when she delivered a 13-hour long filibuster regarding new abortion laws in Texas. Davis made hr formal announcement, Thursday afternoon, at her former high school coliseum in Haltom City.

Going from a single teen mom in a trailer park to a successful Dallas-Fort Worth lawyer, Davis' main opponent, so far, is Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who announced his candidacy after Governor Rick Perry announced he would not seek another term in Austin.

Abbott's office released the following statement regarding Davis' announcement moments ago:

"Once again, Texas Democrats are attempting to conjure support for California-style candidates that try to sell Obama's liberal agenda and go against what makes Texas great. Nonetheless, we welcome Senator Davis to the race, and look forward to presenting the clear differences and debating the important issues that will preserve the economic miracle in Texas."


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I dont know why anyone would vote for a republican that supports policies that kill children that are currently living and breathing outside of the womb. You see poverty kills children and Texas has one of the highest poverty rates in the nation and in FACT Texas has the highest CHILD DEATH PER CAPITA because of poverty. So you so called right to life people, why do you support the child killing republicans?

suz, republicans were giving DLs to illegals up and until 1999 in Texas go figure.

They still get drivers licenses to this day, all they have to have is a Mexico drivers license, no ss card, no birth certificate, nothing. They buy new cars, they buy houses, car insurance, etc. Both parties allow this to happen not just one, vote for the man not the party, if neither one is any good like in the last 4 elections then vote None Of The Above and make then start over with new people, and throw out all incumbents in both houses, at least the new ones will not know all the tricks.

You can keep her Don, we sure as heck don't need a governor that wants to give drivers licenses to illegal citizens just so they can vote Democrat. Very Un American to say the least.

Are you stupid or what, illegals can not vote nor have they ever voted in the entire history of our state, don't take my word for it just ask Gregg Abbott.

Yea, dead people can not vote either, but they do for some reason, also people are only supposed to cast one ballot, but some cast a half dozen or more. If they can get a drivers license then they can register to vote and they have been getting drivers licenses for a long time and still do to this day so don't be ignorant enough to think that they can't vote if they want. Remember, illegal means nothing to illegals and our laws are not enforced against them, they have been exempt for decades.

It's gonna be interesting. I smell arrogance from Abbott "we" welcome Senator Davis to the race. Glad he's picking on the California-style and not the Eastern-style liberals. Have to say GW Bush's agenda was much more liberal than Obama's after all he spent $500B of taxpayer's hard earned $$ bombing and rebuilding 2 Middle East countries - that hate us. That's pretty liberal to me. Obama is bringing the troops home & spending the $$ right here at home. We need more "liberals" rebuilding America.

Spending the money right here at home? Rebuilding America? Your name says it all.

What is she doing in a photo-op with kids?

After all, she wants 'em aborted at almost birth.

You know, when doctors accidentally delivers the baby and have to suck their brains out to kill them.

Go Governor Davis

Oy Vey !

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