Diboll ISD increasing salaries for entire staff

Diboll ISD increasing salaries for entire staff
Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 10:24am

The Diboll Independent School District board of trustees voted Tuesday night to increase salaries for its entire staff, calling the decision an act of appreciation.

The compensation committee met last month and brought a proposal to the board to increase the salaries of teachers, librarians and counselors by at least $750.

Salaries for support staff, such as aides, bus drivers, maintenance workers and principals, went up by 1.81 percent and at least $375.

Superintendent Gary Martel said he is pleased with the board’s decision to recognize the staff’s efforts this year.

“I appreciate our staff’s support through everything we went through this year,” Martel said. “They need to be rewarded for a tough year they went through with a lot of uncertainty. The uncertainty was not created by the board or administration or our teachers. It was our Legislature. I appreciate the staff for being there through all of that: for listening, for asking questions and for communicating. It made my job and Diboll ISD’s job a lot easier.”

Because of a rise in health care premiums, this pay increase will help offset those costs.

“We’re trying to make sure we continue to put our money in the place where it is most important, which is the classroom,” board president Trey Wilkerson said. “They are the people who have the most impact on student success. Diboll is just about the top-paying district in the county no matter where you fall on the pay scale. We like it that way. We want to remain that way. We wanted to make sure people didn’t take home less money this year than last year because of a health care increase.”

Despite a $1 million cut in Diboll’s budget due to less state funding, Martel said they were able to take care of their teachers by evaluating overstaffing issues and “squeezing the budget as tight as we could.”

Federal money through the EduJobs grant helped the board hire some people back, Martel said. After the one-time federal money dries up, Martel said they would reevaluate the staff situation again.

Wilkerson said the board wished they could do more for staff.

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