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Diboll prankster released from prison

Diboll prankster released from prison
Tuesday, May 17, 2011 - 2:31am

Markle: granted shock probation

The Lufkin Daily News is reporting; A 22 year old Diboll man is out of prison, but James Tyler Markle did get a taste of "the big house."

Markle's phone prank to his employer: a Lufkin McDonalds, last fall, cost the eatery thousands of dollars in repairs after he told a worker there to test the fire suppression system, spray the fire extinguisher on a kitchen grill and break out windows.

Markle was granted, what's called: Shock probation. It's designed to give first-time offenders a taste of prison life, scaring them back into good behavior after their release.

To read more on Markle's sentencing, head to The Daily News website:


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