Dicks Bar and Cajun Grill to hold noodling tournament

Kirsten Glavin
Thursday, July 24, 2014 - 5:41pm

Noodling has become a very common form of fishing in texas since its legalization back in 2011. The tactic involves getting in the water and sticking your arm into a riverbank hole. Catfish then latch themselves on, and the fisher must do his or her best to pull these fish either into a boat, or onto shore.

"Get him to bite, take him out, put him on a stringer so they don't get away because once you get them out of the hole, he's stronger than you are," said Mitchell Wright, the tournament coordinator.

The catfish can sometimes put up a fight, too.

"They just flop around everywhere and try to take off, get away from you," said Jerry Collins, an avid noodler and tournament participant.

The noodling tournament will begin on friday evening at 7 and end 24 hours later. Spectators are free to watch, and the event is family friendly.

"We take our wives and our nephews, its like a family oriented ordeal, because they'll sit in the boat, sometimes you'll get them to fish, or sometimes they'll sit in the boat and you hand them the fish in the boat," Collins added.

Sons of Affliction will be providing live entertainment at 8:30 on the final night at dicks bar and cajun grill. Winners will receive 80 % of the entry fees to the 5 biggest fish, and first place will receive a trophy.

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