Diplomas behind bars


POSTED: Sunday, August 11, 2013 - 11:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 10:47am

Jail, it's where convicted criminals go to pay for their crimes against society, but once that debt is paid, many are lost about where to go next.

Well on Friday, more 100 inmates at Bradshaw State Jail in Henderson took the first steps to making the most of their time behind bars.

These inmates completed their course work for the Institute of Basic Life Principles, a faith based program.

And on Friday afternoon, they received their diplomas, in front of their friends and family, becoming something more than just inmate, but graduates.

A new title, which brings with it responsibility.that many inmates say, they are now ready to live up to.

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Not to mention that these diplomas do not get these inmates any kind of early release or privileges. These men do it voluntarily because they see where they are headed and desire to change their life in a positive way. They dont HAVE to do this. Also- you say they "get out of dorms and trade notes or contraband" how ignorant. They do the program IN their dorm and then go work at their "jobs" in the prison. And if caught w.contraband they are kicked out. So stop misrepresenting their hard work.

@Rum715 you dont know anything about these men. My father was one of the graduates and he worked very hard to complete this program over 6 months. He write me almost everyday about how it was changing his life. You had to complete Monday-Friday from 7am-12pm of bible study, complete course work, not get in ANY trouble AT ALL, not get caught with contraband of ANY KIND or you get kicked out. That sounds easy but for men like my dad who have been in and out of prison its not. So get educated.


Lol, the only reason they go to those classes is to get out of the dorms and for gang members to trade notes and contraband. If you believe they do it to better themselves I have a bridge in Arizona for sell.

What a wonderful program. Money well spent. This is truly rehabilitation. WELL DONE TO ALL INVOLVED!

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