Discovery Channel gunman mad over global warming


POSTED: Saturday, September 4, 2010 - 8:42am

UPDATED: Sunday, September 5, 2010 - 11:39pm

MARYLAND - An update on Wednesday's hostage situation near DC.  After a night searching for explosives the all clear's been given at the Discovery Channel building in Maryland.

Police found 4 bombs  including two made with propane. They're also gathering evidence from when gunman James Lee stormed into the building and took three of 1,900 workers hostage.

During the ordeal.... Lee ended up on the phone with an NBC producer.  Lee talked to the producer for about
10 minutes.

But the standoff continued for another four hours until Lee was shot and killed by police.

The gunman was reportedly angry over the Discovery Channel's lack of programming on global warming.

Lee said he experienced an ''awakening" when he watched former Vice President Al Gore's documentary ''An Inconvenient Truth."


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Hopefully global warming will wipe out the Envirowanks like Gore and the rest of the Libnuts! lol

I don't mean to be unkind to a dead man -- not much to gain, really, -- but why do we care what that fool thought? He was not in possession of the ability to engage in rational thought. If he had been, his ridiculous plan would never have had some of its obvious flaws.

In spite of this, his "manifesto" is being examined like a newly-found scroll of the Torah.

Shall we record and analyze the yips and howls of a band of cat-eating coyotes in the hills near my home? Lee is just like them!

Leftists suffer from mental illness, or at best, ignorance of all the issues. The public schools have been the cause of most of this mess. Also, see Lyle Rossiter's "The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness".

algore needs litigation now, before its to late...

Lets look at this. Leftwing lunatic goes crazy because he watched Gore's fictitious documentary and the golden stream media cannot connect the dots. If this would have been Beck or O'Reilly the liberal media would have had a field day.

But it's our side that has all the "wingnuts," right?

Figures he'd be a Global Warming nutcase, and an AlGore follower.

The guy was a brainwashed lefty loon. Believe me, there are plenty out there who know only the leftist line. See Lyle Rossiter's "The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness". Simple. The leftist mind is sick. This guy just let it get out of control, and did himself, and potentially others, in. I'm sure he is explaining it all to Saint Peter now.

Another leftist rat willing to use violence to force others to comply with his lunatic rant. This is news?


This is the most visible direct casualty yet of Al Gore's propaganda movie. His propaganda book The Earth In Balance inspired the Unabomber.

Nearly all of the claims in the movie have been shown to be either gross exagerations, based on bad scientific method or just outright lies. The ultimate outcome if Al Gore's remedies were actually implimented would be increased poverty and starvation especially for the worlds vulnerable populations. Hardest hit as always would be poor children.

Didn't he get the memo?

This is the lunacy level exhibited by much on the Left. THe only difference is, this guy took action on the kind of sentiment expressed by the Left nutjobs on the Internet all the time.

The blame for this should be laid squarely at the feet of Al Gore and the other global-warming propagandists. After all, why not? The left has often tried to blame talk radio for fomenting unrest. Al Gore has blood on his hands.

Can Gore lead by example & off himself for the good of the Planet????

Can all of these "Global Warming" nutcases just kill themselves & leave the rest of us alone?

Didn't he realize that using a knife would have been more "eco friendly"?

Well I am so encouarged that that one is out of the gene pool.

He’s taken to heart the teachings of Jacques Cousteau, Al Gore, Ted Turner and a whole slew of other whacked out leftist. What he wanted might not be too far down the road if we keep moving further into Osama’s Marxism,-socialism. Lee’s ideas are not far from mainstream leftist thought.

Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient lie leads to a Inconvenient Death.

I blame it all on Al gore for spewing all the lies about non-manmade global warming. This gullable fool must of took the snake-oil salesman pitch to heart, of course he had help from the wacko-enviromentalist. They should all be arrested for murder.

I hope Al is satisfied now. His lies have caused the death of a human being.

Lee is a product of Al Gore's chicanery.

Obiously the man is insane. Everyone I've met, who saw the Al Gore movie, told me they were awakened only when told by management that the movie was over and they could go home.

This is what happens when an unscientific and apocalyptic case is made for anthropomorphic global warming by presentations ssuch as Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth," which is full of at least 34 distortions, lies or falsehoods.

Can we now put a lid on Al Gore before any more damage is done to our society?

Gore should be charged as an accessory to terrorism.

Gesus Gawd all they do cover is "global warming".....

I think this was caused by a climate of hate caused by liberal hate speech.

Nitrogen constitutes 78% of the atmosphere, oxygen 21% and trace gases just 1%. Water vapor is the most significant trace gas and the most significant green house gas (GHG). According to IPCC technical reports carbon dioxide is the least significant trace gas both by volume and by Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Question: What are the chances an infinitesimal (.04%) trace gas (CO2), essential to photosynthesis and therefore life on this planet, is responsible for runaway Global Warming?

Answer: Infinitesimal

LOL....this is what happens to a mind, that ingests poisoned propaganda.
What a waste of a life...and over what, a lie !
Hope you feel BAD, Al...this is Your fault !

all global warming nut-jobs should applaud this idiot for reducing his carbon foot print to "0".

Way to go Algore !

Really? The mainstream media carried the water for Al Gore and the global warming hoax for years.

Too bad this poor kid was a true believer.

And that idiot Al Gore tries to tell us that conservatives (warming deniers)are inciting violence.

Hmmm - this ought to help. It's really a sad story. To be honest, I don't get these folks who hate humanity so much. There is a real degree of self-loathing there. As for James Lee, it is painful to see what this drove him too. I'm sure he didn't want his life to end this way - even if it was for his cause.

Amazing, the msm is deep sixing the story. If it were a right wingnut it would be 24/7 linking it to the gop.

blame "al the whackjob" gore with his moneymaking global warming scheme for this demented losers mistakes.
he made the mistake of "believing" al's scams and taking them for real!

I had an awakening too. I realized that Al Gore and all his sycophants and co-conspirators are a bunch of fascist, greedy, lying bunch of would be slave masters.

The gunman was a Eugenicist, he was not intelligent enough to know that other people who think like him have been caught giving women vaccines that sterilize them and give them miscarriages and working to help bring down the male sp3rm count since 1920 starting with "Cold springs" lab which inspired and financed the eugenicist Adolph Hitler and developed a "humane gas" to kill like author George Bernard Shaw advocated for. See the film.
A soviet tale/A Soviet Story
Research: Eugenics

This guy was sooo smart that he believed Gore - a man who is one of this planet's biggest personal polluters. Gore, a man who has made billions from his founding share in the carbon trading tax system he worked tirelessly to bring about. Gore, a many who told us that polar bears are drowning, despite the polar bear population explotion over the last 50 years.

Well now the leftist loon who believed in Gore's lie about man causing global warming, it was never about climate but really about power, control, and wealth redistribution, is in hell. I wonder if that "climate" has given him a change of heart or is he griping about the heat there now? Well with nuts like him gone this world is a bit better of a place.

I'm not surprised you don't have a lot of comments on this. I think conservatives are just worn out pointing out liberal hypocrisy. So, yeah, I'll just agree that he wasn't influenced at all by frothing, bug-eyed, moonbat, carpet-chewing insane global warming hysteria and leave it at that.

Gunman James Lee is a certified nutcake. Not necessarily because he made some bombs and took three people hostage, but because he watched the AlGore film on global warming and took it seriously.

If this whack job had been influenced by the Tea Party we would never hear the end of it. Since this ultra-lib demon was Al's swawn the main stream will bury the story

Who says Al Gorlionni isn't a public menace? Just ask the message therapist.

Not much news here, just another disappointed Gore believer upset at the Democrat's Party.

What? No coverage about how people like Al Gore are inciting people to commit acts of violence.

If this were a rightwing loon, the coverage would be blaming talk radio, Beck, Palin, Tea Parties, etc. and it would be in the headlines all week. The fact is the INDIVIDUAL who did this is to blame - no one else. He had free will and chose evil over good. Too bad liberals never see things that way. It is always someone else's fault - usually Bush, but anyone or organization that is not liberal will do.

I'm very curious... is the news being censored? How many sharpshooters were on the scene & actually had a clear shot? How many times was he shot? Where in the body was he shot, was it a head shot?

This incident has disappeared from the news scene... Why? Suppose it had been a Tea Party guy, it would be filling all the print & TV & cable apparati. There would be a storm of indignation & rebuke.

They are protecting Gore, the Democrats proposing Cap & Trade, EPA...

This guy's corpse should be fed to the endangered polar bears.

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