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Donating shoes for East Texas kids

Saturday, February 1, 2014 - 12:19am

Calvin Brown and Daniel Minton work for senior living centers in Tyler and and Jacksonville respectively, but they have decided to use those facilities to also help the are youth.

Through April, anyone can donate new or slightly used shoes at each location.

Money will be accepted, but shoes will always be better, since they can go directly to needy local children.

In April, they plan to start handing out the shoes to kids in Jacksonville, and then at a later date, have another event for the children in Tyler.

Often, shoes get forgotten when it comes to donations, but especially for kids, they grow out of them very soon, so it's important they are able to get quality shoes in the right size.

Both Brown and Minter say they hope, once the kids get their shoes, it will be something useful, that may take their minds off their hardships for a bit.

The designated donation sites are In Jacksonville, Bonner Street Plaza, at 321 S. Bonner Street, and The Plaza, at 1401 Rice Road in Tyler.

You can contact project coordinators Calvin Brown, 903-372-6080, or Daniel Minton, 903-830-5407.

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