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Dorm room savings

Monday, July 15, 2013 - 7:42pm

Kids probably don't want to think about going back to school right now.

But, college freshmen might have a little more to look forward too.

Moving away from home, and moving into the dorms.

But, decorating a new room can be costly.

On average, parents or college students will probably spend a couple hundred to a few thousand on dorm room necessities.

From bedding to lamps, and of course posters and wall designs, all this can add up quickly.

Most 18-year-olds have finally overcome the big hurdle.

They graduated high school and got into college.

Now, it's time to start decorating their new mini apartment.

"Well that particular trip cost us over $200 so it all added up together it was quite a bit," said parent Nan Morris.

Morris' son lived in the dorms at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Morris' son had a couple roommates.

They ended up all splitting the cost of needed items.

"We brought some stuff from the house because I had enough stuff in the house to furnish two or three of them (laughs) I passed it all down," said Morris. 

According to retail stores, back to school sales are the second biggest retail booster behind the holiday season.

"Just to get her going in her life and hopefully buy her stuff that she could take into her new life," said parent Deborah Robertson.

Robertson bought her daughter quality appliances to last her through college and for her first career.

"They look just as good as they did that first day five years ago when she was starting off at college," said Robertson.  

Robertson said most of the college dorms are furnished, but she found a way to save money on bedding.

"The bedding things cost so much. I just bought her the full bed set and didn't go the twin bed route and her sheets didn't fit the best but we tucked them in and tied them and everything else because I knew she was going in to the apartment."

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