Double D won't open


POSTED: Monday, August 22, 2011 - 7:28pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 6:50am

It’s been a story we’ve followed all summer.
The saga of the Double D Ranch Restaurant came to a close today in court.
It was a disappointing end for the Owners of the Double D as Judge Christi Kennedy gives a thumbs down to their attempt to open their first Tyler location.
The concept of the Double D Ranch was simple.
They took a traditional Texas-style restaurant and sports bar, and added a little spice in the form of waitresses dressed much like characters out of the Dukes of Hazard…or Lil Abner.
Call it a sort of countrified Hooters on the sight of the old El Chico at Donnybrook and the Loop.
But the somewhat racy nature of the new restaurant angered some in the community and their complaints moved the landlord, Toys R Us to seek a temporary injunction for what they saw as a violation of the lease.
Today, Judge Christi Kennedy in the 114th District Court agreed and injoined the restaurant from opening, raising the bond to $1-million.
“I’m happy that it turned out the way it did. Personally as a pastor, I think it would be detrimental to our city, our community to have a business of this nature,” said local pastor James Perryman.
The judge said that the Double D had not provided enough warning and or information about the change in concept from the old El Chico. Since the owners have already sunk half a million dollars into the renovation, the next move is a full trial November 28th.
“There’s nothing wrong with Double D from what I’ve read, from what I’ve seen on the internet.” Said Mathew Caldwell, a UT Tyler student. “There’s nothing wrong with the attire they wear, nothing.”
El Chico will seek termination of the lease and Toys R Us has given notice they will move to seize the building to prevent any attempt to open for business.

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IT is a sad thing that a something as simple as this gets barred. I vote we petition Toys R Us to remove all Violent games from their inventory in Tyler. I do not want my kids exposed to the violence. OH WAIT!! I could just not buy it... imagine that if I don't like something I dont have to go there or buy the product. GROW UP TYLER!

This just goes to show you that in a town where Green Acres runs the courts and city hall that they can impose their will upon whoever they want. Now the congregation will be forced to drive to Shreveport to enjoy the hot wings and cold beer far from the confines of local moral majority. Toys R US is a joke; they sell games and toys marketed to adults that are far worse than some young ladies wearing a halter top and some shorts.

People,, Really....... this Looks like NO differernt of a place then Hooters, I'm almost Certain no one would put up such a fuss over Hooters..WHAT'S the differance? I do have children, yes but it is/Should be the Parents that make a decission to go or not to go to such a place.

Typical closed-minded judge for typical closed-minded public, what a shame. Toys R Us, what a farce.

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