Double D won't open


POSTED: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - 7:07pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 10:13am

It’s been a story we’ve followed all summer.
The saga of the Double D Ranch Restaurant came to a close today in court.
It was a disappointing end for the Owners of the Double D as Judge Christi Kennedy gives a thumbs down to their attempt to open their first Tyler location.
The concept of the Double D Ranch was simple.
They took a traditional Texas-style restaurant and sports bar, and added a little spice in the form of waitresses dressed much like characters out of the Dukes of Hazard…or Lil Abner.
Call it a sort of countrified Hooters on the sight of the old El Chico at Donnybrook and the Loop.
But the somewhat racy nature of the new restaurant angered some in the community and their complaints moved the landlord, Toys R Us to seek a temporary injunction for what they saw as a violation of the lease.
Today, Judge Christi Kennedy in the 114th District Court agreed and injoined the restaurant from opening, raising the bond to $1-million.
“I’m happy that it turned out the way it did. Personally as a pastor, I think it would be detrimental to our city, our community to have a business of this nature,” said local pastor James Perryman.
The judge said that the Double D had not provided enough warning and or information about the change in concept from the old El Chico. Since the owners have already sunk half a million dollars into the renovation, the next move is a full trial November 28th.
“There’s nothing wrong with Double D from what I’ve read, from what I’ve seen on the internet.” Said Mathew Caldwell, a UT Tyler student. “There’s nothing wrong with the attire they wear, nothing.”
El Chico will seek termination of the lease and Toys R Us has given notice they will move to seize the building to prevent any attempt to open for business.

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This is one of those situations where the "church of tyler" bullied the property owner into finding a way to keep it from opening plain and simple. A violation of contract is a legitimate reason to shut the place down. That said, there was less public out-cry over the teacher that was killed at John Tyler... Same teacher was hurt breaking up a fight prior to that and no-one is wanting the superintendent to resign for a lack of security... be consistant. I know it's and old story but still.

This appears to be some sort of political move, because our lake areas are full of bikinis that show a lot more body, and even our Gyms are filled with very tight gym wear. Unless there is another uniform ,that they are not showing, it looks like a pair of shorts and a cropped off top! Dukes of Hazard style!

This was just a contract dispute. I do hope that DD's will lease another local property and give the rest of Tyler a chance to decide for ourselves. It is a shame that they lost the money that they invested on the remodel and decor.

Reality check. Aren't there strip clubs in Tyler but heaven forbid daisy dukes and a little top. It's also funny that Tyler is a dry county but sells more liquor than some wet counties

Doesnt tyler have 3 stripclubs? its ok to have a topless girl swinging on a pole.hmm, i think yall should wake up it will build revenue for tyler! jobs if u dont know we are in a small recession. i am in full support of dd ranch opening!! It doesnt demean women, women and men do that .. if yall wanna be all holy roller its a lil late for that if we are going back to the stone age how many wanna give up yalls cell phones? alcohol? cars? lets start earth over again do away with everything

The sheriff owns one of them

Toy's R Us has a right to say what can or cannot be on their property. DD clearly violated their contract.

You'd have made a great Hitler youth.

Go TRU???/? so selling barbies that tell our girls how they should look like, or M-rated First person shooters? or disney crap that influence how they act or what they do, is better than Double D Ranch???? What hypocrites! I'm ashamed to be called a Tylerite.

As A Citizen Of Tyler that was born here and raised my family in the area I was delighted of the outcome. Our young people be them boys or girls need positive influences in the community. Maybe TRU could look into taking the property and making a recreational center for after school activities. Thank You Judge Kennedy!!!

the holier than thou folks of tyler think that they can keep the city in the 1800's. cant buy package beer but can buy any drug you want off the street and in the schools. the ones that dont want the changes (beer DD's and other things) are the first to cross the county line or drink in the local resturants. get a life and lets keep the money in tyler and lets get in the times here.

I dont think that tyler will ever have true success for the simple fact that the green acres church has a say in everthing that takes place. as a tyler citizen i believe this decision is morally incorrect. i hope to see dd up and running. i hear that they are a fine establishement.

Its absolutely amazing how closed-minded this town is! The only reason why the judge sided with TRU is that it was politicially correct, and will help her own career.

Re: Sad Day: I hope everyone is equally saddened when Sharia law is no longer theory and female waiters have to wear burqas; of course, they could only serve in women-only restaurants of which no females could attend because they wouldn't be able to drive there!!

Revoke the judge next election, Boycott Toys R us...fight back!

We have freedoms that people abuse! Go TRU!!!! Tell them James!
Go Toys R Us ! See if they will allow this bar in his city where he is from,never.Cause they wont even let women walk around without why try to push this prostitution on our young ladies? If it is not right for them in there country why should we let them lease our land and make our children prostitute themselves for there gain.It wont be long and he will be broke trying to fight this anyways. Keep up the good work TRU!

its not prostitution by a long shot and it there choice to work at the establishement

The Double D detrimental to our city? What the hell happened to free enterprise? Want to look at something detrimental to our city, why don't you take a hard look at little Mexico and the illegals standing in the parking lots of convenience stores....

Sad day for American's freedoms

Victory! Our freedoms are not exploited!

As A Citizen Of Tyler that was born here and raised my family in the area I was delighted of the outcome. Our young people be them boys or girls need positive influences in the community. Maybe TRU could look into taking the property and making a recreational center for after school activities. Thank You Judge Kennedy!!!

I am a mom, a woman, and a wife i know i will get tons of women tellin me this that or whatever but if u actually think about what u buy for your kids to wear i have seen some short shorts and LESS on everyday GIRLS( not women we are talking minors ) than the dd ranch uniform !!!! so wake up if yall wanna be all holy then start by covering up your daughters butts and then worry about the rest of the world! so go ahead women that are for the dd ranch shut down start DEMEANING me

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