E-Cigarettes banned from Smith County buildings


POSTED: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 5:51pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 9:44am

Smith County Commissioners and Judge decided to end E-Cigarette use in county facilities and goes into effect immediately.

It's been one week since the idea was introduced to the courts and Tuesday morning a decision was made. The E-Cigarette ban was passed by all commissioners and the and county judge.

General manager Justin Campbell of Uptown Vapor Lounge in Tyler was in court and addressed commissioners. "The commissioners had a lot of great points it's all about setting president as a business and government entity, I do worry about how it's going to affect our clientele that are employees of Smith County.

The use of E-Cigs looks like smoking and that's where the controversy comes from."It's just vapor the by-product vapor is strictly water vapor there's no contaminants that's release into the air," said Campbell.

Campbell says a probationary period was considered. "And in the end they all vote in favor of it."

We spoke with Smith County Judge Joel Baker about passing the ban."You just have to follow the same rules as traditional cigarettes or cigars or any of those types of products it just makes the most sense."  The rules of smokers staying at least 50ft from all county buildings.  Judge Baker adds, this product is not just banned because of health reasons. "There's also just a sense of courtroom decorum and when you go to the tax office do you want to be standing in line where you don't know what is created as a by product of that product."

Campbell says there are some places that can be acceptable such as office space and personal space. "People don't mind being around it because it's not smelling of cigarette's they're not getting anything harmful, you're just blowing out water."

Uptown Vapor Lounge customer Pam Gower was also in court to show support. "There should have been more support, you're doing something that is positive and you need to fight for your right that you have."

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It's just plain respect

Joel Baker could care less about public health and safety. If he did, he would have addressed the deplorable county roads by now. He also would have not threatened to whack the food inspectors out of the county budget for being strict about food service health regulations.

This is nothing more than a ploy to get publicity. The last election humiliated him, and he needs to get back on track and look like he is a veritable messiah to Smith County. He is already campaigning for 2018,

When it comes to freedom, this is just WRONG !

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