E-Cigarettes gaining popularity among smokers


POSTED: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 10:40pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 12:21pm

Cigarettes were glamorized and advertised for decades. 

But... as more studies came out proving just how dangerous cigarettes are for your health the tiny sticks disappeared from magazines, billboards, and TV ads.

And now... theres a new, blue glimmer in the spotlight. 

The Electronic Cigarette is taking America by storm with skyrocketing sales and a stampede of new customers ready to switch to the healthier option.

"We've had the Electronic Cigarettes for about four years and we've seen so many more people come," said Meghan Frazier Store Supervisor at Tobacco Junction.

Even doctors back up the vaporized E-Cig. 

"The electronic cigarette appears to be safer and a useful tool to stop smoking," said Dr. David Brickey.

There have been other alternatives.. like the gum or the patches... but nothing seemed to replace the feeling of inhaling a cigarette. 

"Maybe there's something to be said about having something in your hand.. something that mimics that smoking process,Dr. Brickey said.

Ever since it's arrival people have been flocking to the E-Cigarette for a way to smoke without most the bad stuff that goes along with it.

A new study says thirteen percent of people using the E Cigarette were not smoking regular cigarettes at all a year later. 

"They found that those who were on the five or seven milligrams stopped smoking and even those with no nicotine stopped smoking," Dr. Brickey said.

Lauren Bailey works at dragons breath smoke shop in Tyler and says she quit smoking completely from using the E-Cigs.

"The way I quit.... I switched over to the Electronic Cigarette... it was easy."

The Electronic Cigarette gives you the nicotine you're craving without the harmful additives. 

"The badness of cigarettes really isn't the nicotine, that's the addictive property," said Dr. Brickey. "The bad part is really what comes with it such as the tar and the other contaminants and those are where the carcinogens are linked to." 

So the next time you're craving that head buzz.... switching to vapor may just be your best bet.   

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i've been saying it since like 2 years, this is the future of smoking, and honestly, is a better future, i use the ecigared brand, www.ecigared.com for me is th best quality and best customer service

E-cigarettes emit second hand nicotine. Do not let people smoke e-cigs indoors. Nicotine is
poison. Second hand nicotine, from either traditional tobacco or E-cigs is a human carcinogen.

Please state the study which showed that second hand vapor contained nicotine? Please state the study that proves that nicotine is a carcinogen?

There are too many wild accusations thrown out without sound, scientific fact behind them.

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