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East Texan hoping to spread positive vibes through facebook


POSTED: Sunday, September 2, 2012 - 5:00pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 3, 2012 - 11:58am

Before you know it, the bad news that goes on around the country on a daily basis may just get you down.

Up until this week, East Texan Casey Bevel was feeling like that.

"We are in a recession and not only that but it's an election time and so all you're seeing is such slander and such negative feedback...especially on people's personal pages," Bevel said.

Bevel's a small business she's pretty savvy with social media sites like Facebook.

When traveling around the country for her job, she started noticing community Facebook pages for positive things like events and local she's decided to give it a go here in the piney woods.

"It's a positive outlet for people to post encouraging know, if you had a great server at your restaurant that about it...tell people about it," Bevel said.

It's called "Thankful to Live in East Texas."

She started it Tuesday and it's already growing fast...

She says it's a place for local businesses to advertise for free as well as schools, organizations, you name it.

"You know if your child's karate club is having a car wash in Canton, Texas and you live in Ben Wheeler, you might want to attend that and support that local karate group.  But you wouldn't know about it...unless you had some sort of outlet to get that information," Bevel said.

Bevel's family has lived here in East Texas for generations...and she's not planning on going anywhere...she's hoping to spread that attitude.

"Especially if they're questioning living in East Texas.  Or maybe they're thinking about moving see that this is a great place to call home," Bevel said.

Click here to visit the Thankful To Live in East Texas page.

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Ms. Bevel could add to her positive posts that East Texas is the hub of the ultra-conservative teavangelical right-of-right faction of the repub party, proudly stating that East Texas is the buckle of the Bible Belt...with all the "for sale" homes in the East Texas/Tyler area, wouldn't you think the political climate and the inventory of great houses would be a big draw for like-minded citizens from other areas? With all the newcomers, Texas could become the United State of Texas after all!

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