East Texan writes book on the Korean War


POSTED: Monday, November 11, 2013 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 6:21pm

In lieu of Veterans Day, a new novel on the Korean War is on the shelves.

And it was written by an East Texan.

We hear about WWI, WWII and Vietnam.

But, what about the Korean War. 

"I think America was just finished with war and then within five years we are back in another war and for a country that people did not think much about," said Korean war veteran Jim Gill.

Often known as the forgotten war.

"Americans didn't understand why we were there people forgot the war is only under a cease fire it's not over and its a missing piece of our history," said Author Larry Krantz. 

We usually see Krantz talking about our Texas roads.

But, he has another passion.

"I've been an amateur historian my whole life. I've read extensively on WWII."

He started reading about the Korean War and fell in love with the narrative.

"It's a very interesting part of our history that's overlooked," said Krantz.  

He wrote one novel and is now finishing up two more. 

"I couldn't have told you I would have written about the Korean war five years ago but the more that I read about it and and the more I talk to veterans there is a treasure of untold stories," said Krantz.

His first book, "Divisions a Novel of a Forgotten War", focuses on the first 7 months in Korea, how it was started and where we were as a country.

It's based on real events with fictional characters.

He interviewed many Korean vets, including retired Navy seal, Jim Gill.

"I worked with some of those guys on active duty and you'd think Larry would be walking with them," said Gill.  

Both agree the Korean War is "forgotten" because it's a war we did not win.

"We had one main objective to erase that stigma of forgotten war and the way we do that is to be in everyone's faces as much as we could," said Gill.  

Now Korean vets are pushing to call the Korean War, "the remembered victory."

Because, the thousands of soldiers who gave their lives' should not be forgotten.

"In spite of all these people they can't say that we're forgotten anymore," said Gill.  

You can buy his book on Amazon or Fireside books here in Tyler.

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Check out - Siegelsbach: A Nuclear Ne Er Do Wells Atomic Adventure, by John B. White. He was from Jacksonville, Texas. It's one of the funniest books I've ever read about the cold war. At one point he describes holding a nuclear missile upside down with a crane while shaking it to make the detonator fall out.

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