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East Texans describe the true meaning of Easter


POSTED: Sunday, April 20, 2014 - 10:05pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 9:19am

Easter is a day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He rose from the dead three days after he was crucified, suffered death and was buried. Through his death, burial, and resurrection Jesus paid for the sins of mankind.

"Easter is of course about the resurrection of Jesus Christ," said Green Acres Baptist Church Pastor David Dykes. "It's about life. He's not just alive 2000 years ago, but he's alive today."

Every year on Easter Sunday Christians remember and celebrate the life of the Lord Jesus Christ and everything he has done. And no one knows the true meaning of Easter better than the people right here in East Texas.

"It is a community where people aren't afraid to talk publicly and openly about their faith in God," Pastor Dykes said. "And to me that's very refreshing atmosphere and I tend to say Tyler is the best kept secret in America."

"He died for the forgiveness of our sins and today he came back to life," said Veronica Story, member of Green Acres Baptist Church. "It's a wonderful feeling to know that you're Christian and Jesus is a part of you, you're a part of him and God our father."

"When I think about Easter I think about death being defeated," said Helena Bauthues. "It's just a beautiful thing to me, to think about that power coming down to Earth and the Lord being with us."

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Truth. What a nice change of pace from the usual news. It is good to see this reminder when one currently lives in a part of the world in which a person may very likely be imprisoned for possession of a Bible and attending church. Thank you.

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