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East Texans falling 'victim' to ice on the ground

Stacey Spivey

POSTED: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 6:02pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 6:03pm

Many East Texans have literally 'fallen' victim to this week's ice storm. In the last three days, East Texas Medical Center has responded to 63 ice related falls and injuries. Doctors tell KETK they've seen everything from wrist fractures to tailbone bruises. They have even treated their fair share of more serious injuries like concussions. They're encouraging people to stay off the ice because even though it is slowly melting, Dr. Jamie Kirby says no one is immune from taking a tumble.

Dr. Kirby, Trinity Mother Frances DirectCARE physician, said "once that ice thaws and refreezes, a lot of times its more uneven, and lumpy and easier to fall on. Once you're falling, you're already falling, and you're going to injure something." She also said that she's seen mostly wrist and forearm injuries because "when you reach your hands back behind you or in front of you to stop yourself from falling, you're setting yourself up for a wrist fracture." Dr. Kirby also said seniors are more at risk for severe injuries.

Fred Freeman, East Texan, slipped on the ice, and hit his head on Monday. "I just wasn't...careful enough," said Freeman. His wife, Ina Lee Freeman said "he was going out to his daughter who lives down the driveway, and he just slipped on the ice and fell and hit his head." Thankfully, Freeman is walking away without any serious injuries, but Dr. Kirby said the older population could really suffer severely from falls. "Patients that are going to be more at risk for injury are those that are over the age of 50 and definitely over the age of 65," said Dr. Kirby.

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