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East Texans gather for National Day of Prayer

Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 7:36pm

On Thursday heads were bowed and eyes were closed all across East Texas as thousands participated in National Prayer Day; a day many say our country needs now, more than ever. Lisa Godfrey of Newlife Ministries explains, "We've had a lot of tragedies in the past few weeks between Boston and West, TX. There's a lot of unemployment and poverty going on so we just want to pray God's blessings down upon us."

East Texans began the day of prayer early in the morning at the 22nd Annual Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. City of Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass explains this is a time for Tyler to, "Come together one day out of the year and pray as a community through out beliefs. It is really important to each and every one of us."

The prayer continued throughout the day at the Smith County Courthouse Square, where churches prayed from nine in the morning until nine at night. Various denominations also came together at the Gregg County Coutrhouse to pray that the nation, unifies through faith. Longview resident Gary McWilliams tells KETK, "I think that it's important that we lift up our voice in unity, for strength in our country so we can get back to our religious roots."

Many of the nation's leaders agree, that in order for the nation to thrive, the country must remember what it was founded on. Senator Ted Cruz says, "If America is going to continue to stand strong, we must first be on our knees."

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