East Texans get ready for Saturday Elections


POSTED: Friday, May 11, 2012 - 9:15pm

UPDATED: Saturday, May 12, 2012 - 4:25pm

Even though many may not even know it, Saturday is an election day.

It's the one where you vote for mayor, city council, bond elections, things like that.

Wood County elections administrator Dawn Criddle tells KETK what you need to bring to the polls can fit in your pocket.

"If they have their voter registration certificate, they will need to bring that.  If they don't have that then we can certainly process them through with their drivers license," Criddle said.

One of the more controversial items on the ballot in the area is the $25 million Tyler Junior College bond election -- to build a new Nursing and Allied Health Facility.

TJC's Fred Peters tells KETK, if it passes, it's meant to increase the number of graduates from about 600 to about 900.

He says the cost is $50 million, but the bond only asks for $25.

"The remaining $25 million, 12 and a half of that would come from student user fees.  Those user fees began in the fall, last fall.  And the remaining 12 and a half million dollars would come from pledges, commitments from private donors," Peters said.

But not everybody's convinced.

Shawn Bradley with the Tyler Tea Party says they can't take a stance on anything like this, but they can express concern.

One of their concerns is that TJC hasn't been transparent enough during an already confusing primary season -- and they think the timing is off.

"The fact that you're having this election...what, 2 and a half weeks before the sheriff's election...  Why not have this election on the same day as the sheriff's election?  When voters are already going to be going to the polls and they're already going to be informing themselves..." said Bradley.

But Peters says they just didn't have a choice.

"Actually the state dictates when elections can be held and so when we chose to do spring, May 12 was the day that they told us.. to hold the election on," Peters said.

Peters tells KETK if the bond doesn't pass, they will not go back to the people on the issue -- the facility just won't be built.

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Mr. Peter's remarks concerning the election date are inconsistent with this story, which states explicitly that the board called for the date to be set for May 12th:

Remember you will not be required to have a photo ID unless you do not have your voters registration card. If for some reason an elections offical will not allow you to cast your ballot and you have presented your voters registration card you need to contact the local law enforcement office and DA's Office and file a criminal complaint against the official then contact the U.S. Dept. of Justice and KETK.

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