East Texans provide clean drinking water in third world countries

Hope Springs Water

POSTED: Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 3:21pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 3:24pm

Fresh, clean drinking water is a luxury many Americans may take for granted. In countries like Belize and Ethiopia, drinkable water is a commodity that often, is too hard to come by.

One local organization, founded in Athens, Texas, is trying to change that.

Doctor Ted Mettetal, founder of Hope Springs Water, explained that ninety percent of people in third world countries don't have access to safe water.

"They drink out of streams, rivers and creeks that they share with the animals," Mettetal described.

That's the struggle the vast majority of men, women and children in third world countries face everyday.

"A child dies about every 20 seconds somewhere in the world due to a water-related illness. That's about 1.5 million kids around the world that that happens with," Mettetal said.

Recognizing this huge problem, four years ago, Dr. Mettetal decided to take action.

"Hope Springs Water has been involved in safe water projects in 10 countries around the globe now," Mettetal said.

Recently Hope Springs Water was able to provide its first drilling rig to Ethiopia.

"We can drill a well in a day with this drilling rig. So, we're going to be able to provide a lot more water to a lot more people and put safe wells in a lot more places through the use of this drilling rig," Mettetal said.

Here in East Texas, residents can join the cause simply by taking a trip to the grocery store.

"Brookshires was the first major company to come on board with Hope Springs Water and give us the opportunity to sell our product in their stores," explained Mettetal.

In a statement Brookshires explained, "BGC chose to carry Hope Springs Water in some of our stores to help support their mission of providing clean water to developing countries."

In order to raise money to provide more drilling rigs, 100% of the profits earned from the sales of their water bottles, goes directly back to the charity's clean water projects.

"They can buy Hope Springs Water and help save lives. Literally help save lives," Mettetal said.

Dr. Mettetal's short term goal is to get more people to buy this bottled water the next time they see it on the selves, but his long term goal is much greater.

Mettetal said, "We would like to see safe water available to everybody on our planet in our lifetime."

For more information on Hope Springs Water, click here.

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