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East Texans want to hog hunt in Tyler


POSTED: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 10:56pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 12:10pm

Chevron clerk on Grande, Michelle Crouch, tells KETK, the hogs being so close to the gas station is dangerous. and says people should be able to trap them.

"Almost every night I can see them back here you know on side of the road walking, you know it's a little unsettling to see them you so close," says Michelle Crouch, Chevron Clerk.

More than 30 hogs on Grande Blvd. and Old Jacksonville in Tyler can be seen in the early evening every night.

KETK caught them on camera just after p.m. on Monday digging for bugs, roots and grub worms.

Some viewers and hog hunters have been writing to KETK asking about hog traps.

KETK contacted the Game Warden, Tyler police and Smith County Sheriff's department, they say, hogs are dangerous and could flip cars.  Since it's private property, locals cannot trespass and trap the hogs. Officials say, they need permission from the land owner.

Business owner, Larry Ellison of "Exums" tells KETK the landowner needs to be contacted.

"Usually more dangerous you know when they are breeding and protecting their young, that's the main time they can be kind of dangerous," says Larry Ellison, Owner of "Exums".

Ellison says, they can be destructive.

"I've had trouble with them at my house I live east of Tyler,  and they've gotten in my my garden before and just rooted up everything out there so they can destroy property pretty quickly," says Larry Ellison, Owner of "Exums".

"I don't why they would be able to trap them and take them to an area to where they could put the animals down because you know not only they put them down outside city limits are they giving the city a service but they can also have this meat processed to feed needy families," says Michelle Crouch, Chevron Clerk.

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So cops and politicians say the hogs are 'dangerous' but they will do nothing and they will allow nothing to be done to stop the problem.

Typical bureaucracy.

...But let someone's dog stray out of the owners yard and it's a fine - Animal control is really about people control

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