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East Texas boy's dream is becoming reality

Stacey Spivey

POSTED: Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 6:48pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 6:49pm

Nicholas Nash is your typical 14-year-old, but he has big ideas that set him a part from the rest. His sister-in-law, Laura Ludovico, said Nicholas has "the biggest heart of anyone I know." His family and friends described him as an animal lover through and through. His father, Kent Nash, said he "has always been the type of person who's liked animals." The Nash family has had birds, bunnies, dogs, and cats. Nicholas said growing up around animals is what fueled his passion for them. "I just love to save animals and that's just my thing," said Nicholas.

In August 2013, Nicholas made the 'Lost and Found Cats and Dogs of Tyler, TX. It's a network to help families reunite with their lost pets, and helps animals find foster homes. It now has more than two thousand likes, and saves animals everyday. "A friend of my moms, their dog was lost so she posted it on her business page, and then I got the idea since we saved that animals, and got it back to the owners, I got an idea of starting my own Facebook page to save animals," said Nicholas.

His dreams do not stop there, he is in the works of building his own 'pet haven.' Nicholas said he saw the success of his page, and "just thought since theres a lot of strays in our city then we need a place for them to go and get homes." Nicolas' Pet Haven will be a shelter and dog park will be located off of Interstate 20. It will be a no kill shelter, and resting point for travelers with pets. "At his age, the ideas that he comes up with, for this animal shelter, to save animals that could otherwise be killed everyday, hes just amazing," said Ludovico.  "I'm really proud of him, I mean we all are, its something hes dreamed of and something that you can see at the end of the tunnel as something that can really occur," said Kent Nash.

KETK has been so inspired by his story that we have decided to feature Nicholas, and his page as a part of our new East Texas' Lost Pets tab on our website. Click here to find it.

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