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East Texas meat thefts not so uncommon

East Texas meat thefts not so uncommon
Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - 4:43pm

On Saturday, a Nacogdoches man was caught stealing meat from a grocery store by stuffing it down his pants.

Sounds crazy... right?

It may not be so unusual.

Police say, it happens all across East Texas more often than you'd think.

Sgt. Greg Soweel with the Nacogdoches Police Dept. says that they get at least 2 meat thefts a week.

He says that there are a lot of reasons that meat is appealing to thieves.

Sowell says, "Meat is an attractive thing to use, simply because it's somewhat easy to conceal... under a coat or in their pants. It's also easily disposed of. It's an item that's traditionally higher priced and it's just really attractive to thieves."

Sgt. Sowell says that stolen meat is often sold door to door for money, which can then be used to buy things like drugs.

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