East Texas shocked over alleged baby murder

POSTED: Thursday, December 4, 2008 - 6:09pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 21, 2014 - 8:48am

They say mother Jesseca Carson and soon-to-be stepfather Blaine Milam "just didn't seem like the type"

HENDERSON - Friends and school officials say Jesseca Carson and Blaine Milam appeared on the outside as your average teenage lovebirds.

But they came from two different worlds.

She a Longview High School honor student, office aide and single mom.

In fact the title of her Jessica Carson's MySpace page says: My daughter and my fiance are my life. ♥ I got everything i want with Blaine and Amora.

She goes on to say that she is a "band geek" that "planned to join the national guard in two years."

"I was shocked," said principal James Brewer. "Jesseca was an office aide and she always brought pictures of the baby. Her family was so excited when the baby finally arrived. After I heard this, I was shocked because it didn't fit her personality. Definitely didn't fit her as a mother."

Milam was a high school drop-out and convicted child rapist of a 14-year-old.

Fellow co-worker and neighbor "John" said in the beginning things were normal between the young pair.

But after the heart attack death of Milam's father - he said Blaine changed.

"He became very controlling over Jessica," said John. "She would do anything he told her. No questions...he was always right."

Although Milam is not the biological father, John says Milam considered baby Amora Carson as his own.

Carson and Milam were engaged last March - but a wedding will likely never happen as the two sit in jail awaiting trial over the bludgeoning death of baby Amora.

A crime so horrific, so gruesome, seasoned investigators told us yesterday they wept upon seeing the crime seen.

"The last couple of months," said John, "They started acting weird. They were using a weegie board and other stuff. But I never thought they'd kill that baby. Not in a million years."

John said Jessica loved her baby and would be at her side the moment Amora cried.

Still in shock - everyone that knows the couple says the hardest part is trying to make sense of it all.

"My first question is why," said John. "Babies don't deserve that."

Authorities still maintain drugs were not involved.

John says Amora's biological father, Arlen Mutina serves in the Armed Forces overseas.

In a blog posted Dec. 3 he writes:

On December 2, 2008, I found that my daughter, Amora Bain Carson, was brutally slain at the hands of her mother, Jesseca Bain Carson, and her fiance, Blaine Milam. I never in this world would have imagined all of this. I know that Amora had no known illnesses, so it is my personal belief that this whole 'demonic possession' is nothing more than just an excuse made to escape potential hazards that they now both face.

As a Soldier, I have been in South Korea for the past year. I have only seen Amora twice in her life, and woe and behold, the third will be the last time as I will be burying my little girl soon.

To my little angel, I will always be with you, and we will meet again in the next life. I will always love you, in this life, and in the next.

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look i lived 2 doors down from them in jesseca was scared of blaine n he was very controlin at 1st she would interact with all of us but then it got 2 the point blaine didnt want her doin anything if he wasnt there beside her she got 2 the place where she never really look up n around when we all would hang out she had got worse becus she never know what he was goin 2 do next he would jus snap all out of the blue accusin her of havin men or women n the house while he was at work he was crazy

Your grammar sucks. Did you finish high school? Probably not, considering the demographic down there. Hope you are glad to know a child rapist and murderer while you looked the other way, you trailer trash piece of crap.

Your grammar sucks. Did you finish high school? Probably not, considering the demographic down there. Hope you are glad to know a child rapist and murderer while you looked the other way, you trailer trash piece of crap.

This is absolutely horrible. It makes me sad to know that I live in a world where something like this has happened. I also wonder why I am only just now hearing about this.

However, a side note: it's "ouija", not "weegie." Spelling mistakes distract me from the actual story, and something tells me I'm not alone in that. :/

I just cannot believe this happened. My heart hurts so badly. I have been keeping up with the trial. And I just don't know how the defense attorney can stand himself. I understand that everyone has a right to a defense attorney. But I can't believe that these attorneys actually believe that Milam had nothing to do with this brutal and horrific crime. My heart goes out to the father Arlen Mutina. Thank you for all you do and I am truly sorry for your loss. Sweet Amora is holding Gods hand now.

What a horrific crime. I can't imagine how a parent could harm their child in any manner, much less like this. If anyone was Devil possessed it was the step-father, and of course the Mother who played a part. The one thing I know is, that precious beautiful little child is now resting in the arms of the Lord. When I saw her picture my heart was literally crushed and my spirit so grieved. They deserve the harshest penalty for this.

Has anybody noticed the background of the mother's myspace page???? Under a dark tree is a girl (you can tell be the bow in her hair) with a bleeding heart...standing next to a female with a priest robe on with a heart around her neck...

Was this a sign?

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