East Texas songwriters work to improve their craft, and express their faith

Monday, July 14, 2014 - 5:46pm

Earlier this year, we brought a special report highlighting East Texas song writers.

Since then, they've expanded, and created their own psalm-writing group.

So whether you're in a church choir, a praise and worship band, or just love creating music, this new group allows local song writers to have a new way to express their faith, and share it with others.

Connie Mims Pinkerton has been hosting a songwriting group in Tyler for more than a year now, and as the number of people grew, she noticed a trend, many in the group were turning in songs, about their faith.

"I thought, you know, there might be an opportunity to really fuse that and maybe do an offshoot group and that's how Psalmwriter was born," said Pinkerton.

Now, every fourth Thursday of the month, this group meets in the new building on the Pinkerton property, known as WeHope Ranch.

"It's refreshing to have a community, such as Tyler and the East Texas area where Christian believers and Christian song writers with that focus can come together monthly and create a community," said Pinkerton.

Although based in the Tyler area, many members make a considerable drive to attend.

"People that come are from Chandler, from Shreveport, from Marshall, from Longview and from Tyler, all over the place and that's kind of a cool thing for East Texas to have," said Pinkerton.

Some may one day hear their song performed on the radio, others on a Sunday night at church, but no matter the genre or the tune, for this group of Psalmwriters, the focus is the same.

"Everybody is here for a different purpose, but with one audience, an audience of one," said Pinkerton.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.

Each brings whatever they've been putting together, and then get advice from others in the group.

If you'd like to learn more about how to get involved, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/802766976463474/

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