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Easy tips to prevent packing on holiday pounds

Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 6:46pm

Delicious holiday ham, eggnog, and Christmas cookies. Is your mouth watering yet?

It's no surprise that people gain weight during the holidays. Not only are holiday gatherings based around appetizers and dinner, but the food is often more decadent than usual. However, rumor has it that 10 pounds are gained during this time. So KETK spoke with local specialists, who shared that this average is exaggerated. In reality, the average weight gained between Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Eve is 5 pounds.

The number of pounds gained during the holidays is due to a number of reasons. Sara Upson, a registered dietitian with Signature Nutrition, said, "There is a lot more events going on at the holidays. There is a lot of parties, people are eating richer foods than they would normally eat, a lot of times too people are thinking 'Oh I'm going to start my diet on January 1', so then they go out and they eat all of those foods".

The holidays are also used as an excuse for people to relax and indulge themselves, with the promise that the new year will begin a new weight loss routine. Upson strongly advises against this, "Do not plan that diet on January 1. We really know that leads to overeating, and a lot of times people gain weight just to re-lose that same weight that they gained".

So of course, there are things you can do to prevent weight gain. Brian Lacy from the Woodcreek Athletic Club, said, "The best thing to do is to get in the gym, do your cardio, do your weight training, and the most importantly diet". However Lacy's main message is, "You have to stay consistent. You have to work out the whole entire time".  

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