Iraq War: worth the cost?

POSTED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 7:10am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 3:23am

Has the War in Iraq been worth the high cost to America: in troop casualties and in dollars?


Has the War in Iraq been worth the high cost to America: in troop casualties and in dollars?

The U.S. Military says the number of troops went below 100,000 for the first time since the invasion in 2003.

Thousands of deaths and billions of dollars: has it been worth it?

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This video should be pulled and KETK should issue a retraction for even displaying it. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. This is simply politics and I for one will quit watching KETK altogether because of it. Mr. Gleiser should be ashamed. This is completely unprofessional. This isn't news, this is propaganda. 99% of Americans aren't drinking the Kool Aid anymore on this 9/11-Iraq War garbage. Wake up people.

I find it interesting how KETK (Mr. Gleiser) chose to use 9/11 footage as a backdrop when the question is, "Iraq War: Worth the cost?" That's Bush League stuff, and about as un-American as it gets. IRAQ AND SADDAM HUSSEIN HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. NO WMDS, NOTHING. 99% of sane Americans now realize this. While both Democrats and Republicans in congress voted for the war, those companies like Halliburton and GE who have profited from the estimated $700 billion (and estimated $3 trillion before it's over) were connected directly to the Neo-cons who made this thing up. Seriously, it's almost comical how KETK has all of the sudden tried to become the idiotic step-child of Fox Noise. Keep it up, because it's certainly entertaining. I know that they have to pander to their mostly extreme-right wing audience, so that's just the way it is. It's still fun to watch and listen to. With the current debacle of the Obama administration, I assume that the extreme right is seizing the opportunity to somehow justify their sins. I'll be glad when "news" outlets finally realize that most of us are somewhere near the center, and we think that both parties are a joke. At any rate, NO, the Iraq war was not worth it. Remember Colin Powel and George H.W. Bush's reason for not "finishing the job" after the first Gulf War? The Pottery Barn theory. You break it, you own it. Well, we own it, and the American taxpayers are making those Neo-con cronies very, very wealthy. There is money in cannon, right? GOD BLESS AMERICA.

No, it wasn't worth it.
And KETK doesn't need to push a lie that Iraq had anything to do with 9-11. When, throughout the story of whether or not the war was worth it, you keep showing footage of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, you imply a connection and you know that. There is no connection and the news department of KETK needs to issue an on air retraction.

Saddam was a buthcer that we supported for years. He only turend on us - morally, righty so - when OUR government was secretly selling weapons to the mutual enemy nation of Iran.

Now he's gone, Iraq is a mess, and Iran is a nuclear power. Way to go, Col. North.

Why not just give computer chips and cash to North Korea, or hand over our cigarette, fast food and computer antivirus contracts to Cuba - then invade Indonesia?

I don't believe we had the moral authority to go into Iraq or the need to. Clinton used Iraq as a political toy, the U.N. used it for personal profit, but Bush created a situation that when we withdraw Iraq will explode into civil war that may cause more deaths then there has been since we invaded


We waste entierly to much money overseas. The billions spent in Iraq are only the surface of the problem. Having worked in Iraq for 21 months of the last 2 years I can assure you that once we leave the waste will continue. Haveing worked on a 350mil project I expect that the equipment installed will walk off the site at the hands of unseady officals of the Iraqi Army out for personal gain.

Our Government and the Iraqi's never have settled on how to tranfer the products we have set up. The whole process is supposed to be performed by the US State Dept but in over 7 years no offical set way of performing the transfer. As such billions are going unaccounted for.

The reason we were going to war with Iraq was because the US and the former administration had "proof" that Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destrution. They felt that it was a threat - a threat significant enough to take action to protect the whole world because Hussein couldn't be trusted with them. Soliders haven't found them, the last adminstration finally admitted that they didn't find any either, but it's too late. We're already over there.

We've spent billions of dollars on a war overseas while our country has been in a recession the last few years. That money would have been put to better use over here.

Then, American lives are lost each and every day (for weapons of mass destruction we never found in the first place).

No, the war isn't worth it.

They had no proof of WMDs being hidden in Iraq. In fact Bush kicked the IAEA out before they finished the inspection. Sure they had WMDs when Daddy bush was President but none while Jr. was in office and he had NO PROOF. HE LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

The war should have been waged since they attacked our country. However, they never go in immediately and get the job done. It always bogs down into politics and the U.S. winds up having sons and daughters killed and a war that continues to drag on just as in Viet Nam.

From there it starts looking as though a lot of companies that get the huge contracts are making money at the expense of the military. The war morphs into nation building. need to lay off of whatever it is you've been smoking. Seriously, they invaded our country? Really? When? That's pitiful. IRAQ HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. Even the Bush administration admitted it. NO WMDS. NOTHING. It's a 3 TRILLION dollar mess that we taxpayers are footing the bill on. C'mon, step up and be honest about it. This is the United States of America, not the United States of Republicans or the United States of Democrats. They are all conning us, both parties. Get with it girl.


Who attacked your country. Hello !! Saudis attacked your country not Iraqis. You have to look up some maps.

Katie, Iraq never attacked our Country.

Saddam Hussein was a butcher and a thug that had to go. The sooner the better and less costly.

That's a joke. Seriously. Remember George W. Bush's speech at the 2000 RNC? "We are not obligated to police the world. We are not nation builders." Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Wake up, or at least stop spewing lies and deceit.The Iraq war is and always will be about money. The American taxpayers got ripped off and those families of the 4,300+ kids who have died there should be in an uproar. They were used.

Saddam was a butcher of his own people but so was and is the North Korean dictator. Why didn't W. attack them and they did and still do have WMDs? Same goes for China?

No no no. Let them kill each other, not our American sons and daughters. We need to quit giving money and aid to any other country till our own is back on its feet.

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