What Is A Conservative? Are You One?

POSTED: Thursday, August 20, 2009 - 8:45am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 3:27am

East Texans Tell our News Partner KTBB what puts The "C" in Conservative


A new poll shows a growing number of Americans call themselves; Conservative.

KTBB Host: Garth Maier ask East Texans what they believe A Conservative to be.

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its true, that our men and women, are being recycled during this war, and the average person, has no idea, these young men and women, will never have a normal life,,,
The will live with the horors of their duties, in preserving, our freedoms, for our country,,
we do need a draft,,,,every young man,and women,need to spend,,,,time in the military,
Our country,need to know, what the actual price of our freedoms,,,are,

I am a veteran,,,,retired,, and disabled,,but, i have lots of pride, in knowing, i helped to root our communisum
and the cold war,,,,,,,
even though, the americans and news media,condemed we veterans, of the viet nam war,,,,

every, man and woman,,,needs to be there, to realize,our price of freedoms,,,,,,

East Texans do not even know the definition of "conservative". Being a loud, obnoxious "in-your-face" "know-it-all" does not make you a conservative. Being a closed-minded, morally superior jerk does not make you a conservative. Talking about Jesus (by the way, was Jesus a liberal or a conservative, in your humble opinion, of course) and being more concerned about symbolism than Christian action and behavior does not make you a conservative. Whose ethical and moral standards are we using for the basis of conservatism - yours or mine? You support our military? Then institute the draft so that ALL families can sacrifice. Raise taxes so that we can pay for these wars that are bankrupting our country. Or do you support the war as long as YOU don't have to sacrifice? Do you really love your country or just love it when things are going your way? The super-patriotic, holier-than-thou "neo-conservatives" that spend more time whining than they do WORKING to make things better are NOT true conservatives. I could go on for hours, but I guess I'll shut up. By the way, Republicans do not have the patent on conservatism or Christianity so quit fooling yourselves and voting strictly along party lines. I AM AN INDEPENDENT!

Richard, I will agree with most that you said, except two things. First there does not need to be a draft,,, there are plenty of people who want to go into the military, even though we are at war, and Secondly, I dont know if you are Independent as you think, lol..... God Bless America

You and others may be fooling yourselves, but try telling that to the young people who are facing their 2ND, 3RD, 4TH, etc. deployments. Now, excuse me while I go sit in the corner and cry because I care so much about your opinion of my labeling myself an independent. I am sure you know more about my voting record than I know. And God may bless America if we ever start behaving like Christians rather than just talking about how Christian we are. We are and have been blessed, but if we keep using the name of God to justify actions that are wrong and divisive, we will pay a hard price.

Yes- I am.
The Federal gov. is in charge of defence
of our nation, our borders and relations
with other nations.
We need the government off our backs and
abolish the IRS.
The constitution must be followed at all
cost. Outlaw the ACLU and expell any Federal judge that helps them.

It's the core of our country. Those with a strong work ethic, strong Christian values, and strong moral standards. To deviate from ethical and moral standards is not conservative in any manner. Strong support of our military, our laws, our constitution, and love of country are part of being a conservative.

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