Eddie's dream comes true


POSTED: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 9:25pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 9:54pm

The Grace Care Center of Lufkin made one of their residents' dream come to life, by letting him be a country music star for the day.

The fans could hardly wait as Eddie Ethridge's tour bus made it's way to the Standpipe Coffee House in downtown Lufkin, and they let him know just how excited they were, when he finally stepped out.

"That meant a lot, I never have seen that before, I like it though, felt like a star," said Eddie.

"Eddie is always loving, he's always giving of himself and for us to be able to do something for Eddie, it's just special to all of us, and, yeah it touches our heart," said Jeff Fatheree from Grace Care.

Eddie took the stage with Johnny Riley and the Reckoning, and entertained the crowd with more than just his vocals.

"It just made his day.  If I had his energy, they could bottle it up in a pill and it would be illegal," said Riley.

"I used to get down on the dance floor but I can't get down like I used to," said Eddie.

Most in the audience were caretakers from Eddie's nursing center, who helped make this day a reality.

"That means a lot, means a lot, means a whole lot, they touched my heart,"said Eddie.

A heart which has gone through so much, but has found a home in East Texas.

"I appreciate it, got me a family here in Lufkin," said Eddie.

A family sharing a musical memory, with a man, who just wants to sing.

Fatheree says they plan to make even more dreams come true for their residents.

They also recorded Eddie's performance, and will cut it into a CD, so he, and his Lufkin family, can listen to Eddie and the Ramblers over and over again.

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