Elite Bicycles group find new route for weekly ride


POSTED: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 7:07pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 4:30pm

Elite Bicycles in Tyler host a 30 mile bike ride every Tuesday.

And since bicyclists have been banned from riding on Loop 49, the group has found a couple new routes.

"This particular ride we are actually going to go out of town so we're going to go ride on some back county roads and just enjoy the scenery," said Elite Bicycles store manager Joe Self.

Self says they had to switch up a few of their routes due to the change on Toll 49.

Since July, bicyclists are banned from riding on the toll.

"We've been trying to do our part in terms of riding two a breast not getting in the way if we can and trying to stay on our side of the ride."

Self says they are adapting and instead of taking 49, their group will head toward Bullard and on different rides toward Whitehouse.

"We will kind of go through some neighborhood roads and make our way toward Old Noonday Rd. and from there actually head down toward Owens Elementary and kind of zig zag are way out there, and head toward Teaselville over to the Bullard area and then go back up and we will actually take Old Jacksonville back to Tyler and back over here to Elite," said Self.

Peltier Subaru sponsored this ride.

They provided bike jerseys for all the riders, hot dogs hamburgers and music.

"We all participate in bike riding so that would be something good to do," said Manager Mike Terry.  

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These bicyclist have become ridiculous in their attempts to commandeer our roadways. Reflective clothing improves safety, but it does nothing to protect the automobile driver in this "New" America of shared liability as defined by an insurance company's lawyer at the courthouse. Bicycles are unable to keep-up with the flow of autos thereby they become obstacles waiting around every corner, over the rise of every hill. Ride at your own risk; maybe 30 years ago, but not nowadays.

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