ER doctors bracing for summer "trauma season"


POSTED: Monday, June 3, 2013 - 5:45pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 3:48pm

Most associate summertime with no school and plenty of fun in the sun.

But doctors say there are some downsides to all the fun.

Doctors call summer "trauma season," a time when they see a spike in drownings and heat related accidents.

ER physician Dr.Gregory Freimer says it happens ever summer: the heat ultimately causing more accidents, and trips to the hospital.

"We want you to be safe out there to enjoy the weather, but pay attention to the situation at hand," Dr. Freimer said.

One big misconception: parents thinking kids are okay being left in the car for even just a few minutes.

Doctors say even with temperatures in the 80s, the temperature inside a car can rise to 160 degrees in only 15 minutes, even with the windows cracked a few inches.

"When the temperature goes up so quickly, our body temperature also goes up," Dr. Freimer said. "Essentially, we are overheating all of our essential organs, most notably, our brain."

When it comes to the pool, Dr. Freimer warns drownings can happen in a matter of seconds.

"Our biggest problem is distracted parents," Dr. Freimer said. "Whoever is watching a kid, they feel, 'I'm outside, I'm near the pool,' but they might be talking on a cell phone or texting."

His advice: always be within arm's reach, just in case.

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