ETBU administrators meet with West Rusk families, still waiting on promised money


POSTED: Friday, July 12, 2013 - 8:36am

UPDATED: Thursday, August 1, 2013 - 2:19pm

At a West Rusk senior award event, a man named Robert Jordan announced that a friend of his would pay for all the graduating seniors' tuition at ETBU, and would also for every graduating class after that.

But the problem is the money has not come in.

The deadline for the first payment is July 31st, and they have had no personal contact with Nicholas J. Sturghill, the man Jordan says is the benefactor.

Thursday night, ETBU president Dr. Dub Oliver explained this to parents and students at the West Rusk cafeteria.

After a quick speech, he and other administrators from the university met with families one on one, and went over other scholarship opportunities and financial aid.

But the deadline is July 31st, and if that money is not in on time, many of these students will not get to attend ETBU, or any other university this year.

One question that was posed by a parent was about offering a deferment for these specific students.

Oliver gave two reason why this was not an option, on one hand it would not be fair to other applying students, and also, if they differed, and the money never came in, the families would be responsible for making those payments.

The students and parents in attendance were very somber, some feeling as though they will have to find another option for college, others saying this was their only chance at higher education.

West Rusk superintendent Tommy Alexander spoke to the group as well, and told them that Robert Jordan is a very Christian man, and feels positive the money will come through at some point.

No one, other than Jordan has had any personal contact with Sturghill.

Jordan was not able to attend the night's meeting because according to Alexander, a problem came up.

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What a strange spit and handshake kind of deal to gets kids hopes up on. School admin should really be taken a closer look at here.

The check is in the mail

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