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ETCOG 2012 budget gives director raise, none for employees

ETCOG 2012 budget gives director raise, none for employees

POSTED: Friday, September 2, 2011 - 9:23am

UPDATED: Friday, September 2, 2011 - 3:19pm

Directors for the East Texas Council of Governments on Thursday passed a 2011-12 budget calling for decreased spending and no pay raises for employees, but they also approved a 4 percent salary hike for Executive Director Cleveland.

It will be the first raise for ETCOG’s top man in four years, executive committee member Bill Hale said.

“We felt he was due one,” Hale said. “This will move him up to a flat $100,000 (annual salary), which is around 4 percent, but when you stretch that across a four-year period, we don’t believe that it is at all extravagant.”

The committee approved a $42.06 million budget that represents a 1.4 percent, or more than $600,000, spending decrease, according to Cleveland, who proposed the budget with Finance Director Charles Cunningham.

A closer look at the budget reveals that ETCOG anticipates getting less than 85 percent of the state and federal funding it received this fiscal year, as the budget includes about $6 million in carryover funds from 2010-11. Future funding looks more bleak, Cunningham said.

“If we spend all of the carryover in the coming fiscal year, that means we will be way down in the following year,” Cunningham told executive committee members. “This year, we will be in pretty good shape to fund the services and programs that we have in the past. Next year will be the real challenge, because as we draw down from what is carried over and get less.”

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This is what happens in a communist society, only those at the top gain wealth and those at the bottom are passed over and not rewarded for their labor that either generates the revenue or makes those at the top look good.

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