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Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 6:14pm

ETCOG bows out of navigators program

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POSTED: Friday, October 4, 2013 - 5:25pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 9:38am

The Affordable Healthcare Act is underway, and there is obviously a lot of interest.
In fact, there’s so much interest the websites have been swamped.
So, in every area, there is a program to hire and train so-called “navigators,” to steer applicants in the right direction.
Tour guides for Obamacare, if you will.
And in east Texas, The East Texas Council of Governments, which represents 14 counties, tentatively agreed to share a grant to be involved in the navigator program.
But last night, they decided not to.
The state of Texas, which has declined to establish a health plan exchange for the state, says it wants more restrictions on the navigators, and they have not been established yet.
So ETCOG said the liability was too great.
But Vik Verma of the political group Organizing for Action, says the state is dragging its feet.
And the reason he says, is politics.

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IMO, You're all missing the point completely. What the ETCOG did should be commended. Investigative due diligence is an essential process for nonprofits concerned about the unknown scope of a potential investment or business relationship. By conducting due diligence on the individuals or entities with which you do business, a nonprofit can expose and mitigate hidden risks.

How are the Texas republicans stopping anyone from buying insurance from private companies? All anyone has to do is pick up their Obamaphone and call the insurance company of their choice. Right?

Rick Perry has issued order to the state dept of health and human services to place as many restrictions on the federal navigators as possible. You should try othe news outlets besides this one and fox.

It is a shame that the Tx republicans are trying to stop Texans from buying health insurance from private companies. The texas Republicans at the direction of Rick Perry are acting like communist. Who do they think they are denying citizens the right to buy a legal product from anyone with their own hard earned money ?

Vik Verma is correct because the republicans are scared that Texans just might be able to get insurance at a cheaper rate than what our republican legislature has authorized insurance companies to charge in Texas...after all Texans pay higher insurance rates than most states.
I hope The East Texas Council of Governments sent the Federal Grant money that they received back and if they did not lock them up for fraud.

At least my daughter could get insurance here, and that was pre-Obamacare, which she couldn't get when she lived in Obamaland (Illinois..) And before I retired, my self-employment health insurance cost me less in Texas than it did in Colorado.

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