ETX business man is putting his 'game face' on the global map

Photo from KETK News
Monday, July 29, 2013 - 5:53pm

One East Texan started his own business with nothing but a dream, and now his business is an international success. Doug Marshall, owner of The Game Face Company, said one day back in September of 2007 he just dreamt up an idea Marshall says, "I was at a game, and the guys next to me had painted their faces and it was all coming off it was a real hot day, and so I thought why don't just do a full face transfer." His product is like a temporary face tattoo, or peel away face paint—without the mess.

And his dream gave birth to his company. The Game Face Company was up and running from Marshall’s home garage by October of 07' but in 2012 he auditioned for the popular reality show "Shark Tank" and Sharks Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and Lori Greiner, billionaire investor, liked what they saw. Marshall says, "They gave us 450 thousand for 35 percent of the business."

Since the show aired in January of this yea Marshall's company has taken off. Marshall says, "It's not only national that we've grown it's international." The game face company now has contracts with all major sports teams from Texas to Tijuana, Marshalladds, "The U.K, Germany, Switzerland, Austria the Neanderthals."

Marshall just moved last Monday from his garage office to a large warehouse on the Tyler junior college campus, part of the TJC Small business incubator program. Marshall says the game face company is still growing, and so is his pocketbook, Marshall says, “Last year we made a 100 thousand dollars, this year we could possinly make 50 million, that’s a big leap.” He says he's got his ‘game face’ on and he's ready to grow with his dream—that he made reality.

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