ETX man dies after trying to steal Van Zandt County man's vehicle

ETX man dies after trying to steal Van Zandt County man's vehicle
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POSTED: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 6:21pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 4:08pm

The Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office is asking for assistance in combating a crime problem in the rural area of the county.

Early Tuesday morning, a Van Zandt County homeowner was awakened to find someone in his front yard trying to steal his pickup truck which was parked in the front yard near his home.

The homeowner approached the burglary suspect with a rifle intending to hold him until law enforcement could arrive when the suspect suddenly fled the scene. This caused the homeowner to fire his gun at the fleeing suspect. The homeowner says he saw a Dodge pickup and flatbed trailer parked in the dark on the roadway near his home which he believed belonged to the suspect.

The homeowner also says he saw the suspects truck was running and the keys were in the ignition.

Attempting to prevent the suspect from fleeing from the scene, he entered the suspect's vehicle, turned the motor off, and took the keys from the vehicle.

The suspect confronted the homeowner and during the confrontation, the burglar disarmed the homeowner and assaulted him with his own rifle.

The homeowner's son had been awakened by the gunshots and saw the suspect raising the victim's rifle and feared the man was about to shoot his father. The son then fire his own firearm and shot the burglar. The burglar died instantly.

Van Zandt County Sheriff, Michael Lindsey Ray stated, "We are a nation of laws. Our Law protects the Law Abiding Citizen of our nation. It is unfortunate that a young man had to die this morning our community because of a bad decision he made to violate the rights of a law abiding citizen," said Ray. "This Sheriff's Office will always support the Law Abiding Citizens of this community when they are proactively protecting their lives, liberty, and property. Especially during a lawful use of force situation."

The case is being investigated by the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office, the Van Zandt Criminal District Attorney's Office, the Texas Rangers, the Precinct 2 Constables Office, and the Van Zandt County Fire Marshal. It will be forwarded to the Van Zandt County Criminal District Attorneys' Office for grand jury referral.

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Explain to me why someone would want to STEAL a vehicle when they have a vehicle and trailer? Makes no sense. This needs to be investigated much deeper and further. I believe it will eventually come out that this young man was set up. That he was in fact, murdered. I do believe this young man is the ex-boyfriend of the man's daughter. Check your facts. Don't comment until you know the whole story. Why involve so many law agencies unless there is more to it?

Ishinp, Please contact the family if you have information. This is a cover up. This whole story is not true.

I am Austin's grandmother. We have info ourselves that has not been told yet. To Ishinp8220, If you any information you can give us to help us, PLEASE PLEASE contact me so we can talk in private.

LawabidingCit you are the scum on the face of the earth.... He did nothing to deserve this... I think that the shooter should be put in prison for the rest of his life for killing someone like that... their story is complete BS.. They were trying to rob him!

The guy had the gun cocked and ready for fire at the homeowner. So the son of the homeowner raised his gun and shot the guy. The son was faster at pulling the trigger, so at least one life was saved. If the thief would have just waited for the cops to arrive, he would have walked away with criminal trespassing. But apparently he had something to hide. Only the evidence in the truck will tell what he was hiding. This is very traumatizing for both families involved.

The "KID" did not have the gun cocked and ready to fire at the homeowner. It has been proved that when he shot the kid, the kid was squatting down in the road to pick up his keys. He was looking down and he was shot in the top of the head. He had not taken anything from these people and there was no evidence in his truck to tell what he was hiding. Things were stolen from his truck! There was no evidence to prove he was even in their yard. There is a framing going on.

You have no Idea what the hell your talking about

yes very sad deal for both sides really hard for me as that was my 18 year old nephew that lost his life I don't understand him or the situtation

Were you there too?

"The Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office is asking for assistance in combating a crime problem in the rural area of the county."
Sounds like the sheriff's office got some help. One less scum bag on the streets and at very little cost to the tax payer. The kid should be given a medal for performing a public service. If every crime could end this way we would no longer have crime. Of course that would explain why the pro-crime gun control crowd wants to ban guns from the hands of the law abiding.

How do we know if these people didn't kill this man and try to cover it up by trying to say that he was stealing a truck?

you are right on the money they did the true story will come out soon he was there on a repo it was my nephew

For what reason?

thats right, and this boy had a running truck already. so i dont believe he was trying to steal theirs.

yes the boy was wrong for doing whatever in the mans truck they didn't have to kill him could have shot him in leg arm some where to detain till police got there this was my nephew the shooter should be charged with manslaughter

Sorry, but that's not how it works, when he took the gun away from the homeowner and pointed it at him he signed his own death warrant. Even a cop or a neighbor would have done the same thing, much less the mans son. When someones life is in the balance you shoot to kill. Sorry it was your nephew, may the Lord comfort both your family and the homeowners, I don't imagine that the homeowners son feels very good right now either, that would be a hard thing to bear no matter the circumstances.

He got exactly what he deserved!

what a hard cold thing for you to say

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