ETX restaurants open Christmas Day


POSTED: Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - 12:44pm

UPDATED: Thursday, December 26, 2013 - 11:47am

Hey good lookin', are you done Christmas cookin'?

Is it time to let someone else cook on Christmas?

KETK has compiled a list of East Texas restaurants open on Christmas day:

  • Applebee's (Tyler, Longview)
  • Burger King (Longview)
  • Carl's Jr. (Van)
  • Cheng's (Tyler)
  • Chen’s Garden (Longview)
  • China Café (Tyler)
  • China King (Tyler)
  • Cici’s Pizza (Longview)
  • Dairy Queen (Tyler, delayed opening)
  • Denny's (Longview, Tyler)
  • El Cancun (Longview)
  • El Mejicano (Tyler)
  • IHOP (Tyler, Longview)
  • Jack 'N The Box (Tyler)
  • Loggins (Tyler)
  • Long John Silvers (Tyler, Longview)
  • Luby's (Tyler, Longview)
  • Ming's Café (Tyler)
  • New Hupei Chinese Restaurant (Longview)
  • Starbucks at 1817 E. Southeast Loop 323 (Tyler)
  • TGI Friday's (Open at 3)
  • Waffle House (Longview)
  • Whataburger (Tyler, Longview)
  • Yamato (Tyler)

If you know of an eatery open on Christmas Day that's not on our list, please e-mail it to

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Dear Anonanonanon, it is nice there are restaurants that are open on Christmas. Not everyone can enjoy a Christmas card family meal. Many people may be traveling away from home for work, many others like emergency responders have to work today, others still may not have family and like going to a place where there are others. I remember a few years ago we had to go to a funeral on the day after Christmas and were traveling on Christmas to it. An IHOP Christmas meal is better than none.

Not everyone has family to celebrate the Holidays with - not everyone celebrates Christmas either... I do celebrate Christmas! However due to my work/service to the community - I AM AWAY FROM MY FAMILY in order to take care of YOURS and others!
I APPRECIATE SOMETHING BEING OPEN ON CHRISTMAS DAY FOR "ME" and others that are alone during this special family time! I THANK those that think of OTHERS! Apparently you don't!
I hope you are NEVER alone during these times!

Not everyone celebrates Christmas but not only that not everyone has a family to celebrate it with. Some people spend Christmas alone. Completely alone. Are they not entitled to be out around people and have a meal?

uh not everybody celebrates christmas... ^

thank you for the list of restaurants that i will never visit again. let your employees have christmas with their families. i wonder where the owners of these establishments will be while their employees are at work away from their spouses and kids

Whataburgers in Longview are NOT open

I work at a hospital - and they are open on Christmas day too! And they are away from their spouses and kids! YOUR A COLD HEART! Warm it up and have understanding and love and APPRECIATION for those that DO work on Holidays for others! THEY ARE WONDERFUL People and I THANK THEM!

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