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ETX woman accused of murder plot to steal unborn baby appears in court Monday

ETX woman accused of murder plot to steal unborn baby appears in court Monday

POSTED: Monday, August 19, 2013 - 9:32am

UPDATED: Monday, August 19, 2013 - 3:55pm

The Longview woman who is accused of plotting to kill a pregnant mother in order to steal her unborn baby in June of 2012, made an appearance in court Monday morning.

Tanya Lynette Bradley, 32, reportedly suffered a miscarriage early in her pregnancy in December 2011, but lied to her family and friends. According to court documents obtained by KETK, Bradley pretended that she was still pregnant, and even went to false doctors appointments.

In June, Bradley was arrested after her friends notified police of her plans to kill a pregnant woman and take the baby from the woman's womb. They told officers that Bradley had family coming into town soon who were expecting her to be having the baby.

According to her friends, Bradley schemed to wait outside of a Longview hospital in order to ask for a ride home from a woman in the late term of her pregnancy. Bradley planned to then drive the woman to a remote location on Highway 42 in Gregg County, where she would kill her and cut the unborn child out of her womb.

Her friends told officers that they pretended to go along with Bradley's plan, but when they dropped her off at the hospital, they immediately called police to tell them about the plot.

Longview Police officers searched the area around the hospital and eventually found Bradley wandering on East Marshall Avenue, near the medical center. She confirmed to authorities that she had indeed faked her pregnancy and that she had thought about taking another woman's newborn baby as her own, but that she was just joking and did not intend to follow through.

However, her friends say that is not the case.

Additional court documents show that her friends witnessed Bradley purchasing duct tape, knives, and surgical gloves for the plot.

They also claimed that this was not the first time Bradley had threatened to kidnap and kill a pregnant woman.

Officers learned that another Longview woman had previously given Bradley a ride home, where her friends say she was planning to ask her to come inside. Once in her house, Bradley intended to kill that woman and take her baby.

When Longview Police officers contacted the woman who Bradley's friends claimed was the potential victim, she said that she had, in fact, provided Bradley with a ride home. Bradley had attempted to lure the woman into her home by offering her baby items such as clothing. However, the woman declined and left after dropping Bradley off at her house.

Police arrested Bradley, and she has been charged with two counts of Attempt to Commit Capital Murder.

She made an appearance in the 124th District Court in Gregg County at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, August 19th, where she waived a jury trial in favor of a trial before a judge.

Judge Alfonso Charles set her bench trial for December 4th.

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