Everything's bigger in Texas, even Christmas

POSTED: Friday, December 11, 2009 - 12:45pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 3:06am

CARROLTON - A lot of people love to look at Christmas lights and decorations.

But there is a woman in Texas who loves to put them up.

81-year old Sissy Moore is serious about Christmas.

"I love Christmas. I love what it represents. To me it's all about our lord and savior Jesus Christ. I love every decoration. I love what it's about. I love the music. I start early...to get it all done," said Moore.

It takes a lot of work to create this much Christmas spirit.

"I started this year in July. By the end of august, I�m really in to this," Moore said.

Every single room, even the bathrooms and laundry room, is covered floor to ceiling with holiday happiness.

There's a festive pink living room and a beautiful gold dining room.

And the kitchen and den are decked out in peppermint splendor.

Sissy's bedroom is a sparkling winter slumber land.

And the patio is constantly humming with animated joy.

And while it's impressive in the daytime, at night, it's a show stopper.

People stop by every evening for tours.

"So many of our friends know about it and they give us a call, "can we bring so and so over tonight?" and that kind of thing, so there are people here every day and night," said Moore.

Sissy says she'll do this every year for as long as she can. And her family can't imagine it any other way.

"Something happens to people. They really catch the spirit of Christmas. They catch the reason for the season. And that's what's in my mother's heart," said daughter Neecie Moore.

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The traditional aspects of the Christmas tree of today come mainly from Germanic and Scandinavian origins. Christmas as we've come to know it is like other Christian festivals, a mixture of traditions brought together from a variety of backgrounds to satisfy all under Rome!

Those various traditions each had their own enlightenment rituals which became symbolized; over time we've forgotten the meaning of the symbols, but like most other hidden knowledge it is right under our noses.

In Finland, the Shamans, and one in particular called Hold Nickar, are known to have worn red suits with white spots to pick the sacred Amanita Muscaria or Fly Agaric mushrooms, which are themselves red with white spots. On returning home from picking, on reindeer sleighs, they had their mushrooms in a sack, and re entered their lodges through the smoke hole in the roof! Hold Nickar and friends ate those mushrooms to enter the Christ Consciousness, that's how he became Saint Nickar, or Saint Nicholas as we now know him!

The reindeer also ate the mushrooms, which is why they are characterized as flying, although this ties in with other older legends of gods flying the skies at night once a year giving gifts to the worthy.

In German and Norse traditions it was normal to hang the dried Amanitas on the Christmas tree for decoration; but there is another relationship between the Amanita and the Christmas tree in that the Amanita's mycelium (roots) can only grow in the root zone of certain trees; just about anything you could call a Christmas tree is suitable although Birch are also good. That is why we have a decorated Pine or some such tree at Christmas. One of the earliest natural decorations used were dried Amanitas!

One other thing about Pines is the pine cone which represents the Pineal gland which is situated centrally in the brain, and looks just like a little pine cone. It is the activation by the Amanita of the pineal gland, that opens the internal inter-dimensional stargate that allows us to travel as consciousness to other very real dimensions, resulting in what could be considered the enlightenment of the Shaman!

You can often see the Pope dressed in white with a red cape to represent the Amanita Muscaria, or sometimes in all white with a little white cap, to represent the Psilocybin or Liberty Cap magic mushroom. A lot of traditions use entheogens ( teacher drugs) to enter an enlightened state, Christianity is based on entheogen use amongst other enlightenment practices. There is an enormous pine cone on a plinth at the Vatican to represent the pineal gland; Roman Catholicism is in part a mushroom cult that hasn't bothered to tell its members !

When in times gone by a man with flying reindeer, and dressed in red suit with white spots (buttons) entered your lodge, through the smoke hole in the roof, to bring a present from his sack, he was bringing the gift of enlightenment by activation of the pineal gland, which is represented by adding pine cones to the tree's decorations to symbolize that gland, which then hang on the tree alongside the dried mushroom that activates it. The Star on top of the tree represents enlightenment itself!

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