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Sunday, March 1, 2015 - 4:06pm

EXCLUSIVE: Church of Wells members injured following physical fight during community parade


POSTED: Monday, April 7, 2014 - 10:24am

UPDATED: Friday, April 11, 2014 - 1:49pm

Two 'Church of Wells' members, Sean Morris (Elder of the church) and Taylor Clifton, were reportedly injured following a physical altercation Saturday afternoon during the Wells homecoming parade, an annual community event. 

According to eye witnesses in attendance, church members were street preaching or, 'open-air' preaching during the parade. Witnesses say church members, Morris and Clifton; and others, were preaching "harshly" and allegedly screaming, "You're going to hell" to children, parents and parade-goers.

Witnesses say a father of one of the young children in the parade, and a volunteer firefighter from Cherokee County, approached Morris and Clifton asking them to refrain from speaking that way in front of the young children. Witnesses say, Clifton "shoved" a Bible toward the face of the man who confronted him, that's what prompted the fight.

KETK News spoke exclusively to Morris, Elder of the Church of Wells, about the incident. Morris said, "There was no insulting, no threats, no mockery, and absolutely no focus on children. Our preaching focus was on the adults. We were preaching the gospel. This town is steeped in crime, drugs, and religious hypocrisy and we care about their souls, so we open air preached the gospel message like Jesus did!"

Morris goes on to tells KETK News,"Taylor (Clifton) was pounded in the face without raising a hand in defense, his face bloody and dripping, his heart swelled with forgiveness." Morris said, "I was hit, head butted, and tackled to the ground by a man, and am at present unable to walk."

However, community members of Wells recall the event differently than Morris. One eye-witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, says Morris was not even out there preaching at the beginning. As soon as he came out of the house, one resident tells us, "You would have thought it was Jesus Christ himself walking outside because the other guys became silent and let Morris start yelling." They also say Morris was never hit repeatedly. Once he stepped on the road, the eye-witness says Morris was punched once in the jaw and was laid out. He also told KETK the Wells Volunteer Fire Department began blaring their sirens to drown out the screaming by church members prior to the fight.

According to Morris no charges were filed and no arrests were made following the physical altercation. KETK News has tried numerous times to get in touch with the Wells Police Department and the Cherokee County Sheriff office to confirm the incident.

The controversial 'Church of Wells' and it's members have appeared on KETK News and National news networks over the last 10 months. To read more on the Church of Wells please see KETK Nicole Vowell's report here: (VIDEO)

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Sorry about this, my brother is in this cult, last time I saw him I punched him too. So apparently i'm going to hell also.

I once wanted to live in Wells I live about 15 from there now.
But since the CULT moved in and took over not anymore.

I live about 15 miles from Wells and once wanted to live there,but not no more since that CULT moved there.
They are an off shoot of the branch dividion (Korish) in Waco,IMO.

They are an obvious danger to the community.... It would be a damned shame if their "church" were to burn to the ground, especially since they were attacking children and fought with firefighters... since police and city leaders are unable to act, The community is going to have to stand up to these freaks and deal with them.. one way or another.
and for the record: I am NOT condoning violence, arson or any other illegal action, but the people of the community MUST end this danger to their kids!

That's why each and everyone needs to know the wonderful love and words of Christ for themselves. It seems as though the church of wells is focusing on teens and young adults. So parents teach your children the true way of the Lord and nothing and no-one shall be able to convince them of any other way. Cause as we know theres nothing that can come against the truth..GOD BLESS

This is a cult...pure and simple!! I can't believe that anyone with half a brain would follow these idiots across a street!!!!

All religions are cults.

Explain your definition of a Cult.

Just like the Koreish Cult in Waco just wait COW will get their come upance soon real soon.
And when they do I will be ROFLMAO.

These people do not represent Christians or Christianity. They are misguided people who are giving God and Christianity bad name. I notice that the media only covers fringe groups like this one. The Amish mafia, the Huddites, the snake handlers are fringe groups. Even Duck Dynasty attempts to portray Christians as ignorant inbred rednecks. Christians make up over 70 % of US population, you might want to rethink how you portray us. We have the political and economic power to modify your behavior.

"We have the political and economic power to modify your behavior."
Spoken like a true christian. We don't like you or your attitude so we're going to force our values on you.
And it's 70% and falling.....steadily.

Ask nothing god to punish me!

If anybody is inbred it's YOU you Freaking Idiot.
Who's your daddy your grandpappy?!

If anybody is inbred it is prob.YOU you FREAKING IDIOT!
Whos your daddy your grandpa?!

Covey, son. It's time we had a talk. Yes, I am you father! Me, you, and your Moms are going on the Maury Show next month. I'll play the banjo and you can tap dance. What about it son?

Clifton; and others, were preaching "harshly" and allegedly screaming, "You're going to hell" We were preaching the gospel.
Paul tells it a little differently. I Cor. 15 Now, brothers and sisters, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you, which you received and on which you have taken your stand. THE DEATH, BURIAL, AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST was Paul's gospel ICor 15:4-5 The Christian promise After physical death; they will be resurrected in the body as Christ was.AMEN

Is there a Wells Police Department? I thought they decommissioned the police department a few years ago. There is a constable, but not sure how that works.

Why can't he walk?

When he got knocked down he hyrt his 3rd leg.

This article needs to be reviewed. First off this was a community homecoming parade not affiliated with Wells ISD. Second, Sean Morris wasn't out there at the beginning when all this commotion started. The COW members were repeatedly told by the sheriffs office and the landlord of their house to calm down but yet they still kept yelling and getting in peoples faces. Yes they were yelling at everyone who passed including children that they were "of the world" and that they were going to hell.

Lies all lies!!! They were yelling at our children!!! And adults!! But the parade is a yearly tradition that our community puts on!!! It's the community annual homecoming parade celebrating our town where these ppl need to leave and find a place in a deep dark hole!!!

They were yelling at kids! Children were crying, it was supposed to be a special day for them. They sugar coat all their interview and lie. I have watched them do it over and over again. They act as if they are innocent and sweat christian men. They are "Smart" they know how to work the system and convince others to work for them with very little food. All his comments are an attempt to make them look like the victim. There is video of their preaching. You need to post some of that too!!

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