EXCLUSIVE PART II: Interview with former Church of Wells member


POSTED: Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 10:31pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 23, 2013 - 9:36am

Patrick Jones, a former member of the "Church of Arlington," now known as the "Church of Wells," says he changed after becoming a member.

He began preaching harshly to his friends, his family and everyone he came in contact with. He was condemning them to Hell and telling them they were "wicked,” among other things.

But then, Jones says, things started to change.

"Everything begins to be so clear when you live with someone,” Jones said.

He was around his church family 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He was closed off from the rest of the world and started to turn into someone else.

After being there for a year, he began to realize, maybe this path to Christ wasn't for him.

Jones started doing some research into the ‘The Doctrine of Judgment," inspired by "famous" theologians and authored by head "Church of Wells" elder, Sean Morris.

Jones says, "When I studied their "doctrine," I saw it. They take a little "Calvinism," a little of what Keith Daniels said, a little of what Ralph Bonnet said, the Wesley brothers, and then they conformed it into what they believe The Bible says."

Jones says he started to think differently from then on. He took a trip to his hometown of Houston to visit some friends and preach to them.

"I would start telling them, it's because you're lost. That’s why you can't see it," said Jones. "You need to come up here and join the "Church of Arlington," then your eyes will be opened. But, until then, God won't open up your eyes. Then, I caught myself and I thought, I do sound just like them and then I was broken on the ride back up from Houston, I was just bawling. I was upset with myself."

At that point, Jones says, everything changed.

"If you constantly condemn people, well then where's the hope?,” Jones said.

When he got back to the "Church of Arlington," he debated leaving, but wasn't sure. 

"I didn't have anywhere to go, I didn't have any money, I didn't have a car. It was pretty much there or homeless," Jones stated.

So, he prayed about it and he said, "I ended up walking, it was basically in my head and my heart just to walk back to Houston from Arlington, so I just started walking."

He met some Christians on his walk and ended up getting a bus ticket home, but even after Jones came back to Houston, he says he was depressed.

"I was just destroyed, I hated my life; I was so upset with God."

Jones says he thought he was going to go to Hell for leaving the church. But, after a while, things slowly started to turn around for him.

"The Lord began to carry me, and began to just show me through the scriptures that he was still with me," Jones proclaimed. "He showed me how he is sovereign, and it was so beautiful, I bless his holy name for that.”

Then, Jones finally talked to his mom.

"It was the most beautiful thing ever to her that her son was talking to her," said Jones. "I would go months without talking to her, and I hadn't talked to her in so long."

He decided to join Providence Baptist Church in Houston, where he met Pastor Tommy Dahn.

Dahn explained to KETK what Jones was like when he first came to the church.

"He came and he was in despair," said Dahn. "There was a time that he said it was too hard and he thought he might go back. He was just struggling to dissimulate back into society, he was struggling to be a normal person in society."

Jones says he's in a better place now.

KETK asked Jones if now, looking back, does he regret being a part of that church?

“That's a tough question, says Jones." In a sense, I regret it, but in a sense I believe that it was the Lord's will. God is sovereign over everything and I believe the Lord sent me there to use it as a testimony and I know he's going to use me being there for his glory, so I can't regret that."

Jones says the "Church of Wells" members are blind, but he hopes one day they will see.

"I don't think they see what they are doing," said Jones. "I think if they I believe, if they take a step back and see what they're doing, they wouldn't do it."

When KETK's Nicole Vowell asked Jones if he would warn people or tell them to be cautious if they were thinking of joining the "Church of Wells," Jones answered, "I would warn the whole world."

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So brave of you Patrick, Glad you got out of that sick, demented church!

My goodness! You got out, I am so happy your okay now. I went to SFA and i got wrapped up in the group and my life changed I started becoming like that. They convinced me i wasn't saved and at the end of the semester i was going to join but my mom made me come home she wont let me go back to SFA just because of them. I realize now that they are wrong but i was depressed for months!

maghan24, please contact the parents of Catherine Grove on the "Pray for Catherine Grove" Facebook page. thank you

I am very proud of you telling your story, you are one awesome young man!

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