Exclusive: Rabbi/Israeli soldier speaks out about the war in the Middle East


POSTED: Friday, July 25, 2014 - 5:16pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 28, 2014 - 9:32am

We see the pictures and hear the reports on the situation in Israel, but now, you'll get a chance to read what daily life is like for many Jewish people, and why one man feels it's his mission to tell this story across the United States.

"Life is moving on, and there are deadlines that your boss may have to give you, and yet rockets are reigning down on you, so you may have to take a five minute break and run into your bomb shelter and then go back to your computer," said Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel.

Rabbi Gimpel is one of many Israel Defense Force reservists who left their jobs and normal way of life to defend their country's borders.

"I get a phone call and they say, emergency call up, reservists, 60,000 of us, married men, job, we run businesses, dropped everything and ran to get our uniforms, tie our boots, and go to war," said Gimpel.

Sergeant major, commanding 30 infantry, Gimpel injured his knee and could no longer fight alongside his men.

"The best thing I can do now to serve my country is to travel around America and let people know what really happening behind enemy lines," said Gimpel.

His first stop was in Tyler, giving East Texans his perspective.

"If you pierce the heart of the Jews in Israel, you'll see that they desperately want peace, and if you pierce the heart of the Arabs in the Middle East, they want war," said Gimpel.

It's an issue where the frontline is Israel, but a conflict, according to Gimpel, which should concern everyone.

"Israel is now serving in an amazing capacity to actually stop terrorism and this radical, primitive, violent, insanity, before it reaches your borders," said Gimpel.

Rabbi Gimpel will be speaking in Round Rock on Sunday, before heading up to Oklahoma earlier next week.

To learn more about him and his travels, you can click here: http://thelandofisrael.com/

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How long before the Jews in America turn on Christians with the same ferocity as they have used to eradicate Palestinians from their own homeland?

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