EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: John Tyler teacher assaulted by student

John Tyler ISD

POSTED: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 5:54pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 26, 2013 - 8:49am

A teacher was assaulted by a student today at John Tyler High School.

According to an anonymous source at John Tyler ISD, the female teacher was hit twice by a male student and knocked to the ground.

The video above was obtained from our anonymous source and is exclusive to KETK.

Details are very limited at this time, but KETK will update information as it is available.

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I know the teacher, she is a friend of mine. What sickens me even more than the fact that this delinquent hit a woman and the lack of respect is the fact that she is worried she will be out of a job because of any self-defense she had taken. And that flat out sickens me about that school. The kid received little to no punishment and the teacher might lose her job. Seriously?!

see this makes me mad 1. These teachers get up here and try playing with kids it appears that she hit him 1st...2. she shouldn't have been playing ! a grown women horse playing with a child now that he "knocked her down" or put his hands on her he's done wrong? they're both wrong and if she loses her job she knew better She had no right to put her hands on her it doesn't seem he hit her that hard i heard her slap. Think if it was your child do you really think she deserves her job? No!



I watched the video several times, it looks as though the teacher and the student are horseplaying. The
slap to back of the teachers head did not appear to be very hard

wow!!! really , the slap was hard enough to knock her down. and where is it ever right to hit a teacher.that in in itself shows a lack of respect. and i know this teacher she is in fact my sister inlaw. that definetly did not look like horse playing.she is a teacher of choice because she loves teaching and kids. that in itself deserves respect

Why did no one help her?

He needs to be reprimanded hard... What this young man did was wrong. Also uncalled for... Why does he think he should be proud of what he did... Sorry all that shows is you just a little boy and will never be a MAN. If it would've been a male teacher boy might of got his ass KICKED!

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