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Roads are now open around the refinery

POSTED: Thursday, November 20, 2008 - 2:10pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 12:40am

TYLER - Tyler fire department officials confirm there has been an explosion at the Delek Refinery Plant on 425 Mcmurrey Drive.

The explosion happened just before 2 P.M.

Delek Refinery spokesperson Paula Lovell confirms four people are injured.

Lovell also says the fire started in a SAC-Gas unit, which she says is the most flammable area of the refinery.

Employees at nearby places of business say they felt the ground shake and saw the flames come up.

The refinery does have its own in-house fire department which is prepared for situations like this. Other emergency services were called out as well.

ETMC spokesperson Anne Payne confirms there were three men brought into the emergency room.

Payne says two men were flown to Parkland Hospital in Dallas; they're in serious condition.

The third person will stay at ETMC and is being treated for smoke inhalation.

Payne says he is in good condition.

There was a fourth person taken by EMS to Mother Frances in Tyler.

Spokesperson for Mother Frances, John Moore, says a 43-year-old man was brought in from the refinery.

Moore is unsure of the type of injury the man suffered.

Moore says the man is in good condition.

The Tyler Police Department is advising everyone to stay away from the refinery.

They have the area cornerned off.

All roads around the area are now open.

The fire is burning itself out.

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"This new site is SO awesome!"

The sentiments are so trite and the plugs for the webite so offensive in such a tragic story you just know someone in the KETK Promotions Department planted them here.


Actually I do not work, nor have I ever worked, for this or any other t.v. station. I'm just a news junkie and a bit of a web snob, and was really impressed with how quickly I was able to get this story before the other local news sites had any info. Believe me, I have left so many negative comments on the old KETK site complaining about spelling, grammar, etc., I didn't hesitate to pay them a compliment when it was well-deserved on their new site.

This IS a tragic story, and at the time I certainly could not have known that someone died. I am sorry for offending you.

I work just north of the area on the loop and had no idea what happened! I like the new site and how up to date it is.
This reminds me of when my dad's plant had 2 explosions years ago!
my thoughts and prayers are with those effected by this explosion.

This new site is so awesome. A friend called me wanting to know what the black smoke was in the sky and within seconds I had the whole story for her! Everything looks fantastic.

I hope the people at the refinery are okay. That is scary.

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