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Facebook rids of one privacy setting, allowing anyone to search for you

Monday, October 14, 2013 - 6:20pm

     Many East Texans were not too happy when they were told about Facebook's new privacy policy. Very soon, the option of remaining private to the outside world will be gone.

     And it will be entirely up to you to control each section of your Facebook page to make sure everything remains private. Anyone and everyone will be able to search your name. And for those who were not using the "Who can search me by name?" feature it has already been deleted as an option for you.

     "I don't like that," said Nancy Wilson. "I don't like anybody searching me and finding out all my private information."

     When it comes to the search bar, you do not have an option. It will be public, but you can control each section of content in your Facebook page. Meaning you have to set each part of your Facebook to friends only, otherwise it is open to the public.

     There is no one-step quick fix to privacy anymore. KETK asked East Texans what they think people should do.

     "My advice is to not put anything on there that you don't want people to see," said Sheena Fite.

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