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Facing Autism


POSTED: Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 10:25pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 17, 2014 - 6:39pm


 Autism is an epidemic, 1 in 68 of kids are diagnosed with autism each year in the United States. There are resources in East Texas, but many families do not know where to go for help.

The reason why we decided to cover this story of East Texas families facing autism came for an Autism Expo we covered in April. We learned many families were looking for answers and help. We all know behavioral therapy can be expensive. We found alternatives and resources in East Texas that can be of help for families.

Autism Network Coordinator Julee Renfroe helps many families with autism. There are many support groups and learning centers in East Texas.

Also, Elijah’s Retreat in Jacksonville is a Christ-based retreat that Jeff Moore and his late wife Kathie created in honor of their autistic grandson. At the retreat you’ll find animals such as horses, donkeys, etc. It’s a retreat that families can spend there and relate to one another. Animals are used as a form of therapy to control behavioral patterns that come along the autism spectrum.

Parents tell us, they’re thankful for the retreat because that is the only place where their kids feel comfortable and safe.

If you are a family searching for resources, the best way to start is to contact the Autism Network in Tyler, they work closely with Trinity Mother Frances, and the Treatment and Learning Center for Autism in Tyler.


Elijah’s Retreat:

Autism Newtork:

Treatment and Learning Center for Autism in Tyler:




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Thank you for this article and report. The media ne ver reports autism as the epidemic that it is and never talks about the seriousness of it. Over a half million children with ASD will reach adulthood in less than a decade and will have no place to go. This country is not prepared for what will happen. Most of these young adults will be unemployable and taxpayers will have to support them. It is, however, good to know that at least a few places are preparing for the tsunami.
Maurine M

Incredibly, no U.S. health official as ever called the autism rate (one in every 68 children, one in 42 among boys alone, "an epidemic." They've never even called it a "crisis." "Serious health care concern" is the strongest language used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when talking about autism. A once rare disorder is now so common that everyone knows someone with an affected child. Officially autism has no known cause, cure or prevention.

Despite the exponential incre

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